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  1. dejovu

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    Praying for you and miss you. Also praying for your 'puter, darn things. They can be our lifeline to the outside world.

    Anyway I'm missing you so please hurry back. Many blessings. De
  2. morningsonshine

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    Thank you so much, I've really not been function very well,
    Computor is Toast! My hard drive is bad, now i'm trying to at least seem if He can save anything off it, like my pictures, and emails, Documents.

    I didn't have anything saved in a hard copy.

    Right now i'm too tired and hurting, to even care,

    but i will when i feel abit better.

    "Even though i walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death,
    Thou art with me."

    I haven't been seeking Him for my comfort, just feel like i'm buried.

    Okay, enough of that!!

    Thanks for looking me up, i've been reading a few post here and there about everyother day, but not posting.

  3. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Ouch, pictures are so hard to loose. I did that last year.

    I'm sorry you are feeling bad, but remember you are being held in the arms of a Mighty God. So rest assured that all will be well. I know he loves you so much!

    We are all praying for you. Blessings. De
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  4. tlayne

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    Hi sweetie! Since you are looking I just wanted to say that..... I hope and pray that you are feeling better soon, and that I am sending you a prayer and my love. Tam