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  1. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Hi, just think'in of you. Praying you are feeling better. Please let me know. De
  2. dejovu

    dejovu New Member

    Spent a day in prayer for my family. Doing great, was filled with such a beautiful peace,,,,still smil'in.

    Tell me about your day and how you are fill'in. You are also in my prayers.

    Many blessing, little sis. Keep me posted. De
  3. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    I'm doing some better, actually got some much needed things done in my house yesterday.

    I quit taking my ABX and my depression lifted, wonder if they are connected? It's easier to deal with the other problems, when not mentally buried.

    I love the feeling of that beautiful peace, wish i was able to hang on to it longer.

    Today i have to go to my kids conferences, and i need to visit a friend.

    She had an brain anurism, a while back, and i have not visited her in over a month, and feel bad about that.

    It's kinda akward, she is parlyzed on the right side, and can only speack very little. I'm not good with things like that, however i want to be a good friend.

    Thank you so much for your friendship and prayers.

    Much love and prayers,