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  1. dejovu

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    Misty, I'm praying for you.

    Dearest Jesus, I thankyou for my sister Misty, for her loving spirit and strength.

    Everyday I miss her when she can not be here to share her love for You but that is how this sickness goes.

    I know she gives so much to all of us here especially with her "Daily Dose".

    I'm asking You to be so close to her while she is struggling. Do not let her slip into the dark place where Satan would love to see her.

    Shine Your glorious light on her. Let that light keep her warm, let it guide her and show her which way to go right now and mostly let it be something she can feel in her heart as a reminder of Your promise never to leave us alone.

    I ask this in Your Holy Name, Amen.

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    Just wanted you to know that I think of you both.. and I hope also that Misty is doing alright.

    I know God sees our hearts and how we call out for each other!

    Love you all...Mari
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    I am praying that you find comfort during this storm of pain of yours.

    Lend heavily on our Lord and he will help you through.

    There has been many times I have sob and cried out for help from my pain to him.

    Know we are praying for you and let us know how you are doing,

    Much love,

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    You guys are giving me comfort and strengh,

    Thank you very much for your prayers


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    time to do something.Linda