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    I pray for harmony in your soul and spirit...We can't control those who are around us, we can pray on their behalf.

    I have 2 kids w/disabilities...and they is tiring and times there is tension with my husband, because of the kids, so people butt heads.

    I love them all, but it can be difficult at times.

    When times are like that, I sometimes have to step away (if I can,) to be still in God.

    Blessings, peace to you,

    Suz[This Message was Edited on 11/17/2006]
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    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I asked my hubby to sleep in the spare bed for awhile. And i'm finally getting the sleep i need.
    After 3 nights, i'm starting to feel abit better, and hurt less. Today was the first day in awhile i woke up and felt human.

    Then it becomes easier to deal with all the relationship stuff better. Even tho we are sleeping apart, we are actually getting along better, some.

    I can deal with the kids and noise better, with more patients.

    Also forget to pray at times like this when i'm barely coping, and prayer becomes easier when i feel abit better.

    That why i so believe we need to pray for each other when we are struggling.

    Weather is getting abit nicer too, and the sun has been back out!! Winter came kind early up north.

    To my fello MN Girl,