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    You wouldn't believe what we went through trying to get into the chat room. It was awful. Long story short. I want to send you a post. Could you let me know what time you will check this and I will respond. It is something I don't want to leave on the board. I will delete it after you read it. It is now 6pm Sat. Also what time zone are you in? I will check this for the next couple of hrs. i.e.8pm est. and then I won't check again until about 9:30 in the morning. Don't worry it isn't anything bad. It is just something I wanted to share privately with you.
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    I just woke up from a nap. I know you and Judy had a tough time today. Did you suceed? I sure hope so.

    I'm in central time, it's 5:15 so i must have just missed you??

    Will check back again at my 6:00.

    I was going to suggest to Judy, but will ask you now, Maybe me and you should meet in the Chat room at a time that's good for both of us.

    And it would save Judy the stress of doing it again? I can find out what i want from you?? And you from me.

    I know i did this one time with another individual, and was my first ever in a chat room, and it was very stressful, and kinda funny too.

    Will check back,

    I sent up a prayer that you two would suceed,

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    got it. Will read it in a minute. I want to do a bunch of deleting. so give me a few minutes. ok.