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    Just checking in and don't see any posts from you. How are you doing?

    I am herxing bad, since starting the Biaxin. I have so much burning is unbelievable. The pain pills are not even touching it.

    Did you start back on your abx? I try to keep telling myself that I can make it through this...the pain is because the abx in working. But, I'll tell you in the middle of the night when my body is screaming in's hard to think positive.

    Let me know how you are doing?

    Love Mindy
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    Are you taking anything at all to detox or otherwise mediate the herxing? There is a supplement called quercetin that a lot of folks find helpful. My LLNP also suggested Burbur (an herb) tincture.

    I know about the herx that pain meds don't touch -- I've had them!

    Hmm -- what else helped me.. thinking here..... Sarsparilla root is a fabulous muscle relaxant, Magnesium can help with muscle cramps, too. Red Root is an herb that supposedly helps remove toxins from the body... Epsom salt baths help with the aches and pains.

    Drinking tons of water is helpful to flush toxins out.

    If you have a specific area that is hurting, Lidocaine patches work pretty well, too (you need an RX for those -- lidocaine does break down into a substance that is thought to be carcinogenic -- but I use them nonetheless.)

    Herxing is a double whammy on the body from what I understand -- the dying spirochetes give off neurotoxins, and the body itself also produces cytokines, which are inflammatory chemicals.

    I've found an ice pack on the back of the neck to be helpful for the head/neck pain (or for meningitis!) ---

    spasming muscles can be helped a bit by alternating heat and cold which reduces inflammation, too.

    For detox, I'm a big fan of an old folk remedy ( I have no idea if there is any science to this, but it seems to work for me!) --

    Make a tea with fresh ginger root (slice it and boil it)
    To that, add fresh lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and raw apple cider vinegar -- I just do this to taste (as much as you can tolerate). The original recipe calls for blackstrap molasses to sweeten it, though I prefer it unsweetened.

    When herxing, I drink about 4 pints of this a day -- it makes me sweat a lot (from the ginger and cayenne). Again, I have no idea if there is any real science behind this, but I feel it helps me.

    One final point -- address the issue of yeasts! It is really important to take care of your gut when on hefty abx. Lots of probiotics and an antifungal drug, too, if your LLMD is willing to prescribe it.

    Okay, there's my wordy herx wisdom for the day!

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    Sorry to abandon you, i was feeling really tough too.
    Have you gotten any better??

    I've had about 16 days of doing better, what a relief,
    I'm still only on the ceftin, but in Aug, the Dr. wants me to start Ketek, and i'm very concerned about that one.

    I also finally got my computor back and up after being without it for almost a month.

    Hope you get this.

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    So nice to hear from you. We missed you and were wondering how you were.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better. I am back on the Ceftin up to 1000 mg this week and doing ok. I too am supposed to start the Ketek next week.

    I am a little afraid to do it, but I have heard people have had good results with it. I tried the Biaxin and had a severe reaction and had to stop it. In fact I stopped all the abx and it was amazing to me how soon some of symptoms came back. My mind was completely confused!

    I hope we can support each other since we will be on the same meds.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

    love Mindy
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    the epsom salt baths can also be of help...

    epsom salts alone or in combination with aloe and baking soda in a ratio of 1:1:1 cup, sit in bath for 1/2 hour.

    I like your recipe Zoe, I love ginger, have to try that, hope it doesn't upset my stomach as I have a reoccuring duodenal ulcer (no h. pylori either) so I do have to watch irritating foods :(

    Mindy and Misty, hope you all can continue on the abx and do well!

    all the best,