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  1. webintrig

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    Long time no talk hun. How r things going with you and your family? Here, things r! Write back as soon as you can and know you and your family r always in my prayers!
    Love ya,
  2. morningsonshine

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    How's that for kawinkydink!! I've been off the board since my last post, and today i just happened to check in.

    And here you are saying "Hi" to me.

    I Just haven't been around as much. I think for several reasons.
    It's summer, and my kids are home from school, so i have less personal time.
    I have been doing a little bit more, which makes me more tired, and my brain dosen't want to think!
    Plus i'm caught up in trying to change my whole diet which consumes alot of time.
    I have to go gluten-free, Hangin has been good enough to give me some good tips and encourage me.

    I've also been trying to wean my computor adiction somewhat. Ha Ha!!! And spend more time back in the word of God.

    I feel like i'm spinning my wheels and getting know where!!
    It also has been really hot, and buggy lately, kinda takes the snot out of me, we don't have air.

    Actually i have been recieving some nice blessing from God, and some answered prayers in the area of relationship with hubby, and connecting me with some very supporting christians. The hard part is working on what i already know, especially at times when feeling opressed and tired.

    Webby, what is up with you and your family lately?? I hope things are good?

    Thank you for looking for me, you are a special friend,
    you "know" what kind of load my husband is under with work.

  3. morningsonshine

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    I started that message the other day, and got sidetracked with dinner!
    I'm trying to add "good ways" to my life, but it isn't easy for my, to keep at it, is my goal.

    Bless you, my friend, in Jesus,
  4. bandwoman

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    Hi Misty,

    If you check on 7/19 your post to me I replied. Not sure if you ever saw it.

    Hi Webby,

    I posted to you ions ago. Don't remember where it is and I think you had just popped in and then out and probably missed it.

    It is good to see you on the board again. Hope all is well with you.

    Take care ladies.

  5. webintrig

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    Yeah it has been a pretty busy time for me as well. I can relate to all the things you said is going on in your life, Misty.
    Children home for the summer, husband's work and yes less personal time and rather spend more time with Our Lord !
    I am so happy you got my response because you have been on my mind as well as others have too.

    Nancy I thought I might have missed a response or two from you since I have been off the boards for a while. Did your situation on your insurance ever get better or worked out?

    And as always I glad to hear from everyone and know that I think about each one of you as well as pray for you!!!
    Well, write back as soon as you can and as always...I love to hear about "Great News" in your lifes.