morphine sulfate feedback please....

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  1. italiano

    italiano New Member

    Can anyone give feedback please...I did not tolerate tramadol well but my pain is so severe doctor wants me to try morphine sulfate 15mg. I am afraid to try it. I seem to be sensitive to meds.
  2. Yucca13

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    I've taken a couple of different forms of morphine in the past and found that they were extremely constipating. I have been on Opana for over a year (ER every 12 hours) and it is effective for pain without severe constipation. The downside is that it is very expensive if your insurance doesn't cover it.

    You might haave different results. Best of luck with what you decide.
  3. dianahubb

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    I haven't posted or visited here in years..BUT, I came back for a bit this evening and felt I should respond.

    I have been on morphine sulfate 15mg twice a day for 4 years now. I don't know if being on it that long is good for a person or not. I am highly allergic to several drugs & this one seemed to be okay.

    It helps greatly with my pain, but is HIGHLY constipating. It doesn't make the pain disappear, but makes it manageable. After being on this for two years I was also prescribed Lyrica & Savella. With that combination and about 2 hours on a heating pad, I can make it fairly well until evening time, then I revisit my heating pad. One word of warning-DON'T stop taking it suddenly, you WILL have side effects. I tried it once & my pain returned within 24 hrs, and then of course the withdraw symptoms of heavy sweating, etc.; so, make sure you don't run out of it before you have it refilled:)
  4. Mikie

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    I suggest the regular as opposed to the Kadian time-released capsule, at least, the fiirst try. Morphine is an old tried-and-true med and I think it is safer than some of the newer meds for pain. Because it is often used at the end of life, a lot of people, including docs, think it is too powerful a drug but it's no more so than newer drugs. I took it until the Guaifenesin Protocol made additional pain relief unnecessary. I never developed a dependence on it nor had withdrawal when I stopped it but we are all different.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
  5. italiano

    italiano New Member

    since you took the time to reply after so many years...I reallyappreciate it. The feedback is truly valued. I am not a computer person but when I reach out for advice it's because I really need it.
  6. italiano

    italiano New Member

    Thank you for feedback because the doctor gave me regular and time released. First time try with a powerful med is the scariest.
    Your words to help.
  7. italiano

    italiano New Member

    thank you everyone. I feel very comforted with the support and advice.
  8. campbeck97

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    Hi, I have taken morphine sulfate in immediate release and extended release for about 11 years now or close to that long. I have never had any problems with it except for severe constipation with the long acting kind. So i would advise you to talk to your dr. about starting stool softners,laxatives or some sort of help for your bowels when starting the morphine. I can't tolerate the long acting morphine because of the constipation but do take 30mg of the immediate release 4 times daily. I also am very sensitive to drugs and did start out at lower doses and slowly work up. morphine is the only thing that has worked for me for this horrible pain. I hated the thought of going on such a strong drug but without it I didnt have much of a life and with it I can do pretty good. Good Luck with whatever you decide.God Bless
  9. JLH

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    When I had a total knee replacement, the doctor put me on Kadian, a morphine-based drug, and for the few weeks that I took it, it made me extremely depressed and mean. My adult children told me that they could tell the difference in my personality and told me to go back to my doc and ask for something else!!!
  10. campbeck97

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    i get mean when Im in large amounts of pain so for me the morphine is a must! I have tried to manage without it in the past and I just couldnt stand the pain and being unable to have a life of any kind made me depressed as i want to go to my grandchildrens games and other school activities and spend qualitiy time with my husband and thats just not possible without the morphine anyway in my case. I will probabely take it for the rest of my life if thats what it takes. God bless everyone on here!!!