Mosquito bites caused flares

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlie21, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Recently came back from my hols in Cuba. Whilst out there, I had been bitten several times, and rarely do you see them do it. These bites were about the size of your thumb nail, and would stay up for about four days. My first week was a relatively good one, but my second week as soon as I was bitten, they triggered a flare in me, and still seem to be suffering from them. I cannot get my muscles to relax, and prior to a huge storm, I have had the worst restless legs I have ever had. To touch they were both in full spasm, and felt like concrete. I am wondering because our immune system is being compromised somehow, whether a mosquito bite could cause a reaction. The only way I can get rid of these muscle spasms is by knocking myself out at bedtime, and then when I wake up, I feel relaxed for about five minutes, in fact I can almost count to the minute, and the muscle spasms start up again. I am going to discuss Mirapex with my doctor on friday, to see whether he thinks it is worth a try. Charlie
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    Wow, those bites sound bad. I did not know they could cause flares, but nothing surprises me. Anything that stresses us causes a problem.

    Have you tried something like Xanax? I was using Restoril for sleep which helped anxiety the next day.

    Maybe someone else here will have some ideas.
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    I don't know about the diseases mossies carry in Cuba, but here in Australia, mossie bites helped bring on FM for me, it was after I had Ross River Fever the 2nd time around, also they carry Bahamas Forest as well.

    maybe it would be an idea to have your Doc do a blood test?

    I hope you are felling a little better real soon

    Gentle hugs

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