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    Now this is serious and wonderful and amazing and I swear that I am telling the truth!

    About 5yrs ago beginning of december. went to church, as i was leaving said a friendly goodbye to a true God-given gift, a wonderful priest. He took one look at me and said very tactfully (NOT) that i didnt look very well. 'twas true

    I went home and after a few hours I had an awesome legitimate true and truly wonderful VISIT from God in the form of The Holy Spirit in my heart (now, some of you will click away right now, and others will say well The Holy Spirit is always in your heart) OK to both groups!'

    I began to feel such incredible TOTAL JOY and it felt like it was overwhelming yellow streams of light going out of or into my chest (no meds to speak of). Every pain LEFT ME, every negative thought left me, and unmitigated JOY and PEACE and LOVE for all and everything and everyone. It lasted for a few hours then faded (My dear now departed Aunt said this was my "preview of heaven")

    One really amazing sidenote, here: The BRAINFOG which was ever-present for the 5 years before and since faded away. Now, how many of you can imagine what losing the brainfog would really feel like. I saw or rather felt it lurking far away from me at the other end of a small tunnel in a very small spot only the slightest awareness of the fog, tiny and off in the distance; not completely gone. I will never forget it and never stop praising and thanking God for visiting me.

    So the next weekend at church, my friend the priest says to me "and how are WE feeling today?" I told him what had happened the previous weekend and he look stunned and said, "You actually FELT that??" and he explained to me that he saw how bad i had looked and devoted very "intense prayer" to me a little later which corresponded with the time of my Visit. He understood.

    Of course, the brainfog came back later to be my loyal companion to this day

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    I had a very strong church when I lived in Houston. I truly miss it.

    The Holy Spirit was strong in the church and with church members.

    I was touched by the Holy Spirit alot there and it was the highest high you could ever imagine. So I definitely believe.