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    This title DESERVED CAPS. Be sure to look at ALL the pictures, then, near the end, there is a link for a second page. YIKES does not do it justice.[This Message was Edited on 01/02/2007]
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    What a great link. Those were spectacular pictures.

    I was in Siberia, of all places, in '99, but we rode the Trans-Siberian railroad, so we didn't have to worry about antiquated airplanes or getting stuck on a muddy road in the permafrost for a week.

    I always heard that mountain biking Bolivia's Road of Death was a hair-raising experience, but with all that traffic, it looks incredibly dangerous for both bikes and trucks and busses. There's a great travel show on PBS called "Globe Trekker" that shows the host mountain biking that road.

    I have seen a few pictures of the hiking route on China's Mount Huashan, but never pictures that showed the exposed hiker's "trail." Those boards don't look very safe, do they!

    I had never heard of the military road in Soviet Georgia, the Chinese Tunnel Road, the Gorge Road in Taiwan, or of that trail in Italy. The site makes me want to explore all of them!

    Much thanks. You know me; I love researching stuff like that.

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    Thanks for that link.Thought some of the roads in the UK were bad until I saw some of those pics.LOL.
    BTY,there is no way I would use that toilet,LOL,talk about falling off the end of the world or what,LOL>