Most doctors should be shot *rant*

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by quamijay, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. quamijay

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    Went to see a specialist today to try and start my treatment for cfs. Aparently "there are no valid peer reviewed studies for treatment in cfs and anything else is not considered fact by the scientific community. the only proven treatment is excercise and cbt" LOL what a effing joke.

    When I showed her the facts and the studies, IMMEDIATELY its, "times up". NO, kenny de meirleir, jacob teitlebaum, lerner, cheney do not know what they are talking about. Just mad researchers who have no merit.

    Its bad but, I seriously wish some of these doctors had CFS so they'd shut up and listen instead of being ignorant.
  2. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    i agree. you just have to ignore it, tune it out, and move on, knowing there are ignorant idiots.

    you know what's odd? lately i have been going to a walk-in clinic near my place. it has younger docs who are open-minded. they admit to knowing nothing about CFS but one actually said she was happy that i had come in so she could learn more!

    things are slowly changing...

  3. quamijay

    quamijay New Member

    and then she says

    "you have to learn to accept this illness through cbt"


  4. wendysj

    wendysj New Member

    I understand your frustration with doctors. I have finally found, after years of looking, a few specialist and a GP to treat my issues. Before these doctors though, I HATED going to the doctor. I would have to take xanax when giong to see a new doctor. I started having anxiety attacks and throwing up before each one. Yuck!

    I was curious what "cbt" is?

    My Rhuemy tells me to take flexiril to help me sleep and excercise. I have been doing that and it's helping... especially the sleep part.

  5. munch1958

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    CBT is a psychological therapy that aims to address thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate or worsen a patient’s symptoms. This is another way of saying "It's All in Your Head."

    Think about this.... If it's all in your head then how can it be in mine too? Did we "make up" the same symptoms and send them thru the universe to each other?

    This illness is about our poorly functioning immune systems, hormone deficiencies and underlying chronic infections. They need to learn how to treat these instead of blaming us!
  6. LindaJones

    LindaJones New Member

    There are continuing education courses for doctors.
    Doctors can educate themselves about chronic fatigue syndrome.
    There is a good article on the CFIDS Association of America website called
    Educating the Medical Community
  7. moi482001

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    Send a letter to the local medical board-the letter will stay on file. If enough letters are sent about each doctor that mistreat you, things will change...slowly but where it counts.

    And for personal pleasure, send the doctor every new article on FM or CFS. In your note, you might say, "Since you appear to know nothing about this, I thought I would share this with you" HAHAHAHA
  8. stschn

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    I was to see Dr. Montoya on Feb. 4th but was to ill to make the trip and I had to go on a waiting list (#14). I had decided that I was having problems with the side effects of valtrex and wanted to switch to Acyclovir I had not seen Dr. Madill since 1990 to his credit he was the first doctor I had seen who said CFS and he helped me to get my SSDI (it took 2 1/2 years). He tried many treatments but nothing helped so I gave up the 80 mile drive. But I did call his office to get an appointment thinking that he could help me get the Acyclovir( as I wasn't able to see Dr. Montoya) as well as other problems that most of us have to deal with---sleep and constipation. About the Acyclovir I don't need it said he and the people that have had improvement "well there is such a thing as a placebo and valcyte just got a bad name because they gave it to folks with aids and they were all so sick anyway (I don't have HIV and valcyte was 6 months of hell for me). And about my sleep problems well a lot of older people have this problem ( I wasn't this old 21 years ago when I got this DD and I had sleep problems then) for the constipation he did give me a perscription for enulose 10 GM. All this cost me $250 up front and they will bill my insurance company for me but I will not get it all back. Clearly I am not on the same page with this doctor. I have gotten some very good recovery from the valcyte and thats not all in my head (but it was in my brain) anymore that this illness was allin my head in 1988 when they tried to pull that crap on me.

    The good news with the help of my pcp and the research that I did and presented to him. I am now on Klonopin and sleeping and on Acyclovir and not seeing any side effects. Just anothe rant!
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