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    Hi Everyone,

    AS always I hope everyone is painfree. I know we are not all pain free. I want your opinions on pain meds. I take dilaudid for short term pain and Methadone for long-acting pain. I have read lately that Methadone is not the best long-acting med and comes with terrible withdrawals. Should I ask my doc. to change?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Ive been on narcotics for about 13 years. I started out on 1 Tylox 3times a day. Over the years Ive gradually increased. My then doctor suggested methadone which I tried. I found it to be a very effective pain reliever. I noticed the breakthrough med didnt work AT ALL. I fully believe that was because of the methadone. I had to change doctors and the 1st thing she told me was that she didnt prescribe methadone under circumstances. She assured me she could manage my pain. Thus began the trial and error. I now take three 80mg timed release oxy with percocet for breakthrough pain. Most of the time its sufficient. She did try me on the fentanyl patch but I overdosed thru no fault of my own. I understand the methadone has a long half life which is where the hesitation to prescribe them comes from. Ive also heard withdrawal from that med is particularly difficult. Didnt experience that bc I went to the oxy. Hope this helps. Sorry I cant space.

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