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    I am back on the boards after a hiatus. I had a very bad experience with backstabber, gossips,in the support group I attended for years......At a later date--I hope some of you can offer me some support about how to handle what happened......The ironic thing is --the very things we discuss here on these boards about the unkindness and abhorent lack of understanding we experience in the outside world--is precisely what I received from these toxic people. A small group of them--even alienated and mocked out the most vunerable and sick from cfids individuals from the group--even put down their dire financial situations....go figure....what hypocrisy and dysfunction!

    Anyhow, I am wondering why many of my posts are missing.....
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    According to your profile, you have 528 posts.

    Editing to add: You are correct; when I do a search on your username it doesn't show any posts at all, including the one of this thread.

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    We are having issues with our search feature. I know ProHealth staff is working hard to get it fixed. Once the new site is launched, the search feature will work much better. :)