most physical problems on one side of body

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    HAPPYDOGSUZ7777 New Member

    I was just wondering if this is true with anyone else?
    All my physical problems seem to be on the right side of my body! I mean there are times my whole body aches but the main pain is all on the right side! my neck my lower back
    even the pain in my stomach all on the right side! I had a chiropractor tell me that my right leg was a hair shorter than my left and he gave me a lift to put in my shoe and
    adjusted me and said to wear it a while till things straightened out. I guess I didn't wear it long enough cause things are the same! I changed insurance companies since then and don't have chiro coverage now.
    I just find it really odd that all my problems are constant on the right side! I am wondering if I got somehow balanced out?????? Anyone else?
  2. Hope4Sofia

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    Yes, many of my issues are also right sided. I can hardly breath through my right nostril due to a deviated septum.
    I get horrible cluster headaches on the right. Even the majority of my moles are on the right.

    However, my pain seems to be equal on both sides.

    I have wondered about it though. No one has been able to explain it to me.

  3. Clay2

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    Asymmetric psoriatic arthritis can cause joint pain on one side of the body. My wife had some even when she had little psoriasis.
  4. rpatzer

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    Your chiro is just pumping his bill. A short leg has nothing to do with FM. Chiros don't have any remedy for FM. It is beyond what they can do.
  5. LadyC

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    I have been wondering about the same thing for quite some time. My right side is always worse than the left. My head, face eye, shoulder, arm, hip, leg & foot seem to hurt more on the right side. I can't even sleep on my right side. I also have a knot that's about the size of a grape on the side my right knee. It's very hard and very painful. About a year ago I was told that I also have a bone cyst in my right arm. Since I'm right-handed all of this makes doing everything harder.
  6. twitcher

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    Mine is all over but much worse on the left.
  7. blkkat

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    hi. well as far back as i can remember i started out with all my pain on my left side like severe headaches at age 5 after a car accident. burning in the left side on my back in my ribs, back then it was so hard to go to the DRS we made good money but really as far as i knew no one ever had health INS. correct me if I'm wrong.

    I'm 44 now so what ever year that was. anyways then while in school baseball i hurt my right knee w/2 hospital but came up w/zip, sent us to a specialist had a dye x-ray done but didnt find anything.

    then my neck on my left side really started to hurt, w/ the headaches, after about 4-5 visits DR says

    well mom i think shes doing it for attn. my mom could of killed him right then, you see i was a tomboy and nothing kept me inside i always was out building forts , riding my motor bike , but when I'd lay on the couch on a nice warm blue sky day w/curtains closed, t.v off and eyes shut or I'd throw up, and had to have my big brother pick me up just to use the bathroom well my mom knew there was something wrong and i wasn't doing it for attn.

    then later in my 20s i was kinda ok 30s feeling more like i had the flu a lot and tired. then in my 40s while working i hurt my back and that was it! now ask me where i don't hurt, i couldn't tell you that cause i hurt everywhere!

    my life is not mine anymore ! i swear i live in a place that should be called ((( HELL )) don't get me wrong I'm whining i know and i know there are people out there that are dying, and this sounds real gruel and selfish but at least their pain will end soon.

    I'm sorry if i hurt anyone's feelings this is just how i feel . i love Jesus w/ all my heart and yes I've gotten closer to him while going through this but this really does suck!!! sorry this is so long . i must be rambling so I'll talk to ya later. GOD BLESS-- BLKKAT