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  1. Bruin63

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    My DH usually just gives me Money for the after Christmas Sales,

    well not this year.
    No he thought he would actually put a real package with a Bow and all, in my hands this year.

    He was just smiling away, and thought OBoy, Tvo?
    or, a Cannon Digital Camera with a Long Lense,
    or maybe it was a new Wedding Ring, wrapped to fool me, since I lost my other one, still looking for it, ....

    No it was the least thing I really like and it wasn't just one, it was 3 of them.
    Phone's, the Main one has a Contorl panel, and then there are 2 extra handsets, for other rooms.

    Modern day, Extension Phones, lol,

    I Hate to talk on the Phone, it hurts my arms to hold it,
    Well now I have a speaker, system that I can use and just lay the phone on my lap while I talk or write,

    I hate to be woken up, so now I have a Do Not Disturb button to push so it will ring, for the Caller only, or it can be set so it's quite in my room, but the other 2 can work, so the DH can Still answer the phone when I am asleep.

    I hate trying to set up, a Message on the answering machine, well this one came complete with a Man's voice, (kinda sexy but I'm not telling the DH, lol)
    that gives a short to the point message,
    Mine usually rabble a bit, Hmmmm, wonder how they do that, just a few words, hmmmm.

    I must admit that at first when I opened the package, my Face must have given away my Shock, at receiving, an Instrament, that I hate,....

    It's an intrusion into my, Wolrd, such as it is.
    Now if only I could get someone else to Talk to the Family for me, it would be Perfect,

    Naw, I still like to talk,.........So I guess it was a Pretty Darn Good GIft...... ;o)

    Now my MIL on the other hand, sent us, 2 Steamer's one for cooking veggies, which DH won't eat.
    One for Meat, .................

    I do not Cook, I nuke or he eats out, since I only eat a few select foods that don't bite back.
    When I first unwrapped it, my Mind, started to figure out, who I could , Pass this on to next Year, lol,lol,

    We did tell Her we Loved them tho, wouldn't want to hurt her feeling's.

    The really Best present was a Beautiful, Jeweled ,Hair Clip, with Rose's and Pink and Gold colors, my SON, yep, taught Him well, bought it for me.

    So now I have something pretty to wear in my hair, when the DH & I go to the Dancing With The Stars, Show, this Thurs. Can't wait......... Now that is a Present....

    I hope you all, have received, gifts that you can use , or recycle, lol, lol,.....................

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  2. MelaC

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    Hi sharonk, well His heart was in the right place and hopefully it will make your life easier.

    As for MIL's gift I guess its the thought that counts at least she gave you something.

    As for your son hitting jackpot he must be really pleased with himself. I always find my sons gifts to be so special something to cherish.

    This year was a good year for me I loved all my gifts and all my gifts to hubby and my 2 boys went down well.

    My mom spends Christmas weekend with us every year but never buys us anything. We have gotten used to it but still buy her something as I could never have her sit and watch us open our gifts. This year we gave her a fan as her room is very hot. She was well pleased.

    Good luck with the instrument hope it makes life easier for you.

  3. caffey

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    My son also bought me a new cordless phone. I was having trouble with my other phone it was so heavy. This one is so light. I was on page 2 of the instruction book and he had everything but the greeting set up. How did he do that? You are right the voice is kind of cute. The problem is I live alone and I would freak out everybody. He also bought me windows xp to make it easier to use the computer. And of course I love scented candles. He called this morning and said it was the best Christmas meal ever. Yup it was a very good Christmas.
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey! You got some pretty good gifts.

    Those steamers come in handy. When there are UFOs overhead, you can wear a steamer-helmet to block the alien rays.
  5. day2day

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    I use it to make rice.......and it is so easy it comes out perfect every time. You even add the water and rice in at same time, my steamer is a black and decker electric one. I love it so much I bought an extra when I found one on sale incase this one ever craps out. I have had this one for 15 plus years now. Okay I admit at first it sat in my kitchen for about a year and a half but.........I love it now!!!

    My son who is 8 bought me a little silver angel necklace, he is such a good boy. LOL, it will probably turn my neck green but I will wear it for now and cherish it forever, I have to get a new chain for it, this one is flimsy.

    Glad your son got you something you love and makes you feel nice and special. Dancing with the star show sounds like it will be so much fun, enjoy it!!

    hugs day2day
  6. elliespad

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    Well, the one that comes to mind, is one I received about 27 years ago, the first Christmas after I married. My MIL was Diabetic and LOVED Jello. Do ALL Diabetics? They seem to. Anyway, I HATE jello, always have. At every dinner or buffet, she always brought Jello and knew I didn't like Jello. What did she buy me for Christmas? The Cookbook, called, "The Joys of Jello". Pretty funny huh?
  7. joyfully

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    my most unusual Christmas gift was from my hubby 38 years ago. We had only been married a short time. I have to lay some ground work before i tell you what he bought me.

    Shortly after we were married, my hubby cut the wrong end off of an interior door after we got new carpeting. I knew who was going to be responsible for ALL repairs after that fiasco.

    I also need to tell you that I'm an excellent carpenter. I don't mean this to sound braggy. I was born with a natural talent for hands on stuff. I can visualize sequencing steps in my head. I love the smell of freshly cut wood. Red oak is my favorite wood to make cabinetry out of. (yeah, I know, don't end a sentence with a preposition.)

    so what did he buy me? A book on how to use power tools. I'm not kidding. He was clueless why I was baffled and stunned (and a bit miffed). I think he is STILL clueless why I didn't like the gift.

    I was (and still am) an excellent carpenter. It would be equivalent to giving an artist a paint by number velvet picture. I was insulted and perplexed.

    Now, he buys me very good power tools:
    12" compound mitre saw
    biscuit joiner with dust catcher bag attached
    15 gallon 5 hp shop vac
    table saw with lots of extra features

    Now THOSE are presents I can use.

    My rheumatologist can't believe what I'm able to accomplish. You see, I'm handicapped and use an electric mobility scooter. I'm going to be 60 years old in January.

    When I get edgy, I go to Lowes and immediately head for the lumber aisle. I love the smell of freshly cut lumber.

    I lose myself in my carpentry. It helps me to re-center.
  8. hugs4evry1

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    I thought his gift was pretty funny and I'll tell you why.

    Men are just like that and mine is a 'gadget' guy too. So now I have him think up, research and buy an electronic gift for our son and daughter each year (except this one) so he can get that gadget stuff out of his system!!!

    This year with our daughter's problems and my son is in school with the Air Force and doesn't have room or need for any additional gadgets, he got a year off. But...

    This way I no longer receive an electrical gadget that I have no need for whatsoever but the kids make out really well with the latest and greatest thing on the market.


    Nancy B
  9. Bruin63

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    That's funny, and yeah sometimes it is best to not mention, it, lol,

    I do like my phone's and the DH programed it so I don't have to mess with it. :>]

  10. elliespad

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    That CRACKED me right up. Reminded me of ANOTHER funny Christmas gift year. Ya know Aunt Bethany, on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation? She wraps up stuff around the house to give as gifts? Well, about 7 or 8 years ago, my aunt was coming for Christmas with us, as always, and usually she doesn't bring gifts, and that is fine.

    But, that year, she brought gifts for each of us. I SWEAR this is the truth. For my husband, was a wrapped partially used package of suction cups with hooks, on a cardboard sheet. For each of my children, about ages 10 & 14 ish, a wrapped box of Kleenex. For me, a tiny Tea Cup with an open package of "AA" batteries.

    It was THE FUNNIEST thing ever.

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