"Mostly Dead"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SoxFan, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. SoxFan

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    Hello Everyone,

    I'm a "new kid" on the block; this is my first posting...

    Have any of you seen the movie "The Princess Bride"? If you have, you will get my joke of being "Mostly Dead". That's how I sometimes describe how I'm feeling on a "bad" day. Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in about two weeks. I try to enjoy my good days and live in the moment, not worrying about how I'll feel the next day.

    Today, however, I'm "Mostly Dead". Making it through my work day is like climbin a mountain. It's one of those days when I'm just watching the clock and waiting for 2:30 so I can go home and take a nap!!
  2. CFIDSNicole

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    Welcome to the board! Thank you for filling out your profile--it helps us get to know you.

    I haven't seen The Princess Bride, but I can surely understand the "mostly dead" feeling. That is a perfect way to describe a bad day.

    I truly admire anyone with CFIDS who is able to work--hats off to you!

    I look forward to getting to know you,
  3. SoxFan

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    I was out on short term disability for 6 months when I first became ill.

    As I have discovered, a lot of people start like I did. I was feeling really GREAT, then came down with bronchitis, and I never fully recovered. I figured if I just rested, I would be able to kick this "thing". I was at my worst in the very beginning, and I returned to work even though I wasn't fully recovered.

    Since then, it's been waves of ups and downs. At one point (last Jan & Feb) most of my symptoms went away, and I really thought I had recovered, although I had never resumed my regular activity level (I was too afraid!). Then the fever came back, then the exhaustion, night sweats, tender abdomen, gray complexion, "droopy" eyes, etc.

    Lately I've been thinking abut disability again, even though it's really not what I want. I have a great job, and don't want to have to leave it!
  4. TheAurynn

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    Welcome to the board. I just joined recently too, and the people here are very sweet and supportive. I love your reference to the Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies- (Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.) I just love that movie, I never get tired of seeing it. I can certainly relate to feeling mostly dead LOL.

    Take care,
  5. elsa

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    Oh ! Please forgive me. I'm not laughing at your pain ,.... I'm laughing at "Mostly Dead" !

    The "Princess Bride" has a history with my husband and me. He brought it over to my house along with some take out and wine, in order to "court" me. Ha, Ha .... I fell asleep on the couch hafe way through the movie !!

    We've been married 13 years this Saturday. Since my dating faux pas, we have watched that movie a 1000 times. Billy Crystal (SP?)is a hoot. So is Carol Kane. " Good bye kids .... Have fun storming the castle !!! " HA HA lol

    What a good memory , so sorry it is at the expense of you having a totally rotten day.

    I want to welcome you to the board. This is the BEST place for unconditional support and information. Most of what I have learned in treating my CFIDS/FM has come from the generous sharing of all the knowledgable members here.

    I wrote a long response to you on your "Working with CFIDS" post. I hope it helps you some .....

    Take care,


  6. ldbgcoleman

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    I love that movie! If you haven't seen it you will love it it is romantic and very funny. No crudeness or bad language you can watch with your kids!

    So glad you posted on the board! You will love it here. Lynn
  7. nina2

    nina2 New Member

    I'm "death warmed over". Glad to meet you and welcome to the board. Your in for a lot of friends.
  8. heartinheaven

    heartinheaven New Member

    Ya, I watch the movie evey year...and ya I know exactly what you mean! Welcome to the board and chat room. Wish you well!

    H Michael
  9. revlcb

    revlcb New Member

    Hi there, welcome to the gang. Hopefully you'll find managment strategies soon, so that you're at least a bit comfortable.
  10. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    rode into Nazareth? feeling about half past dead. Actually feeling half past dead has to feel better than this because if we were dead then we wouldn't feel pain, right?

    Just when I think jumping out my window is the solution, I remember I have a ranch style house.
  11. SoxFan

    SoxFan New Member

    When I had so few responses yesterday I was afraid my movie reference was a little too obscure - glad so many of you are into "quirky cult films"!

    In dealing with all of this ill health garbage, it really does help to keep your sense of humor!

    Oh, to cjcookie - "The Band", right? I had an old Bob Dylan and The Band album (back when there WERE albums!), and I know the song.
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  12. nanswajo

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    Hi Soxfan!

    I also live in Southern New Hampshire. I have Fibromyalgia. It is fairly new to me. Still getting adjusted to it.

    I saw the Princess Bride and loved it, but I have forgottten the "mostly dead" part.

    Welcome to the board.