Mother says that I've had sleep problems all my life

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    I couldn't remember when I started having problems sleeping so I asked my mother.She said even as a baby and A little girl,That I'd wake up with the slightest noise.

    As a baby,I had more than average colic.I'd be at the hospital several times a week.It was that bad.

    I also remember going a whole year not smiling in the second grade.I KNOW that that's not normal.I just wanted to share.I've decided that I haven't been sharing enough.I tend to internalize things.Linda
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    I used to never fight bedtime, would amuse myself in bed as a little girl. Even writing the alphabet in the air with my legs at age 3-4. When I was tired I went to bed for a nap or the night.

    HOWEVER, I was up in the night a whole lot! Just not a night sleeper. I kept quiet b/c my parent's were NOT positive in reaction to this. And I was a pretty good kid, in the sense my antics were kept well below the parental radar, LOL!!

    I was very colicky though. Projectile vomiting, what fun.

    I was a super smiley kid until about 4th grade when I really realized how differnt I was from the other kids. Smart girl, catholic school, not good mix.

    I just lost whatever connection I had with the other kids. By 6th grade I refused to speak inschool. Entire year, even to the priest. I did take part in Mass (readings, petitions, etc...) but NO classroom talking. I jsut felt no one wanted to hear me, so I wouldn't waste my words on them.

    Very strange attitude for a kid. I was healthy until age 14 when I got chicken pox for the 2nd time. The FMS stuff came with that and has been horrible ever since.

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    I mentioned my depression(I think it was parent's being divorced and possible low seritonin levels.Foreverkid and prickles.Did you stay awake all of nap time too.I still remember how boring that is.

    Could my colic have been the start of IBS?I wonder.Starmom colicky,depression in childhood-sounds like me.Writing the alphabet with your legs was clever-I never thought of that one.Linda
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    My mother said my twin sister and I loved bedtime. We were always so tired we would ask, Is it bedtime yet?
    Weird thing for kids to do, usually they fight bedtime. I guess we always needed more sleep than other people,even as kids. And we both have CFS.
    Very interesting post.
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    The insomnia hit in my early forties. However I had restless legs as a child. I remember that well. And apparently was very low energy. My Mom took me to the doctor about this twice. Whatever tests they gave were normal.
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    can't sleep as children......interesting-maybe we have symptoms sooner than we thought.Shooting star-glad yours was normal but I wonder about the low energy.Linda
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    Not talking to anybody in school,what a rough year it must have been for you.Linda
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    Well, I can't actually say not talking to anyone in school was that hard. I was in a private school with a bunch of kids who were not nearly as smart as I was. I was bored to tears, and had very little to say to them. I was into books of all types, and NOT at all into kickball or football or boys in those years. Still not into sports like that. And married now, LOL!!

    I had no respect for teachers or priests, but was brought up to show respect. Many of the teachers thought that my writing was plagiarized or done by my parents, even stuff I did in class with NO books around. I was expected to do my work and the work of the 2 less than intelligent boys sitting next to me in every class (same boys for about 3 years!). Not to talk to them and teach them, but just to do the work and have them sign the papers.

    We had a wierd priest (read sicko) that I knew about in my 1st 2 years at this school. The nuns told us that it was the fault of the kids he was involved with (NOT ME, Thank God!) and that it was a mortal sin to talk about it. That is a go directly to Hell, do not pass go, sin for those of you who are not Catholic. Just telling anyone outside of the school about this man was a sin. So, being a generally well behaved kid, I was quiet.

    By 5th grade I knew that the entire setup was rotten, but didn't have a chocie in schools. So rather than voicing my very opinionated thoughts, I just shut up.

    I was Chatty Kathy at home, I was just silent at school. My parents didn't know until YEARS later whent hey ran into an old teacher who remembered me. I confirmed the "silent year" . My mom is totally appalled! She never was Catholic, but Dad was and we were sent to the Catholic School.

    Thnks though,

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    with very minor symptoms likthe restless legs of shootingstar or the tiredness of mollys twin.Also the sleeplessness mentioned above.Linda
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    Did you get the chicken pox for the 2nd time and the Fibro right After?Linda
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    Thanks for not internalizing. It's so hard for me to write 'venting' posts, even though I need to. Glad you shared with us. :)

    I've never slept well. Ever.
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    You are so sweet.It gives me more courage to share more of myself.Linda
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    I was raised catholic.No Catholic school thank goodness-my mother had a bad experience.In ccd,1 out about5 nuns was nice.The rest either were mean or uncommuicative.It's an awful thing to tell kids what they told you.Linda
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    What an awful thing to wake to-your mother beating you.It was accepted in those days,but usually not in those circumstances.

    I liked school but was very bored.I was advanced.In second grade,the teacher asked me to read a chapter in a book,I thought that she meant the whole book.I read it and the other kids were still reading,The teacher said to read the next chapter and was dumbfounded to hear that I'd read the entire book.I spent the whole second grade in the third grade class.

    It was true through grade school,so beside having the start of fibro,I had that.The point of all this is,school in those days was not very good.If you were ahead or behind,you pretty much fell through the cracks.if you were the type to learn by touching things you were out of luck.I think that children meed more opportunity to talk in school.I commend you for homeschooling your kids.If you read my bio,you'll find that I was in Daycare.Grad school ,huh hehe Linda