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    HELP!! My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease about 7 yrs ago. She is now 63 yrs. old. She's been doing ok until just the last month. Suddenly she went from being able to do everything for herself, driving around to run errands, bathing, dressing, cooking, etc. to now she can do nothing. She can't drive, she lost 15 lbs in two months, her tremors are considerably worse. She can't bathe herself, dress herself, get in and out of bed by herself. She said it makes her jaw hurt to eat and she doesn't even have the strength to keep lifting the spoon or fork to her mouth. She can't hold the phone to her ear for more than a few seconds. What do you think is happening here? I didn't think the disease could really progress this fast. She was also diagnosed with malnutrician last week but has upped her protein intake, drinks ensure, and has already begun to gain some weight and increase her energy level but she still can't do things for herself. She was able to walk around the grocery store two days ago (albeit incredibly slowly, and holding on to my dad) but had to come home and take a nap afterwards. She is currently taking Sinemet/Carpidopa. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm sort of at my wits end here. She is also getting very depressed because she's always been a strong and independant woman and now she can't do anything. Thanks!!
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    I am giving you a link from the Sinemet website regarding the side effects of this drug with long term use. You don't say how long she has been on it or how large a dose. I assume she has seen her Dr. since you reference the dx. of malnutrition last week. I would hope this would occur to him. I am sure you have looked at the write-up on this drug as well. It makes mention of weight loss, fatigue etc. It would seem that it's possible that this could be a drug reaction relative to accumulation from long term use. Bear in mind, there is no cure for Parkinson, just drugs that control the symptoms to a point. I wish you and your mother luck.