Mother's Day Gift A Little Late But Worth The Wait

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Jun 11, 2009.

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    I received a belated Mother's Day gift yesterday from one of my almost 20 year old twin daughters. It wasn't diamonds, fancy jewelry or anything along those lines, but perhaps is the one of the most cherished gifts I've ever received.

    Many years ago, twenty to be exact, I was expecting my twins. To pass the time, I purchased a lassita (sp?) blanket kit which was essentially a blanket that you wove into a large sheet of mesh. It was a bit more complicated for methan I had anrticipated and I never finished the project. It got wrapped up and stowed away into the attic. Over time, it started to deteriorate, and could not be completed. However, there were a few skeins of unused yarn still under wraps. Well, my daughter always knew of the story, and that it kind of bothered me, so she went up to the attic and found the yarn, and in her spare time at school she learned how to knit and knitted me a scarf with it! It is a very long scarf and quite warm, so I will save it for winter. In the meantime, I have it hanging over my bookcase in my bedroom, so I can see it every day It truly touched my heart that she would do something so thoughtful for me with remnants of a project abandoned oh so long ago.

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    Hi Laura!
    What a wonderful thing for your daughter to do for you!!,,,she knew it was something close to your heart and wanted to give you the gift!,,I'm guessing that your girls love you very very much!!,,,,,HUgs!,,,Sis
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    In my opinion I would rather have something one of my kids made for a present than any diamond jewelry in the world. I love when my girls make me cards instead of buying them too. I always tell them not too spend the money on cards, i like the homemade ones.

    Sounds like you have some wonderful daughters laura!!!

  4. Granniluvsu

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    That is truly a very sweet thing. I to would rather have something they either made or did themselves. However, it is the thought that truly coundt with me.

    She obviously loves you very much. Thanks for sharing so much !


  5. jole

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    What a sweetheart you raised! Proof of how good a mother you were...

    I tell my girls what I want most is to spend time together with them. Seems when we get older we don't need "things", but this was a special suprise for sure! Love***Jole***
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    Aww, that is such a sweet story. It warmed my heart. What a thoughtful and precious gift for you to treasure always.
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    Good to hear such Happy stories.

    You have a very special daughter.