Mother's Day :o(

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by poets, May 11, 2008.

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    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to say I hope you all had a nice Mother's day. I got a nice loaf of homemade bread and a beautiful card from my daughter and my son Adam is taking me out tomorrow (weather permitting) to get me some new porch furniture. But..........

    I got absolutely nothing from my husband. No card, no "Happy Mother's Day" no nothing. He went off to work at his bowling alley this morning and all he left me was a pile of dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and dirty dishes in the sink. I don't get it. I'm not perfect by a long shot, but I've tried so hard to be a good wife and Mother. Even though my husband and I don't get along too well it still makes me feel so sad. Adam helped me clean up the dishes and I just went back to bed for most of the day. It was awfully nasty weather we had today and not fit for going anywhere. I just felt like I needed to tell someone. Thanks to anyone who took the time to read this.

    Love to all my dear friends,

  2. momof471

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    that your husband did not acknowledge this day for you. I know that really has to hurt.

    It sounds like you have raised absolutely wonderful kids and they seem to be a true blessing.

    Your kids obviously care about you and acknowledged the day and that is certainly a bright spot!

    I hope you enjoy getting your porch furniture. I'm sure you will also enjoy spending time with your son as well.

    I know you are hurt, but try not to let that get you down, that will lead to increased problems for you and you need to take care of yourself.

    God Bless
  3. hugs4evry1

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    I'm so sorry your husband is a pooh.... but your kids sound wonderful so trust me, you've done something right!!

    I hope your weather improves soon so you can get your new patio furniture and begin to enjoy it.

    Leave those clothes on the floor, take a cup of tea outside and enjoy it!


  4. xphile

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    Just remember that I am proud of you and love you very much! I know Dad is very hard to deal with for both of us, but remember that I am very happy that I got you for my mother :) I love you and always will. Happy Mother's Day again!

    Hugs and love always,
  5. hugs4evry1

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    You sound like a wonderful son.......


  6. sisland

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    Your a Great Mom!!

    My (Ex)-used to say "Why should i wish you a happy Mothers day,,Your not my Mother!" Yeah! What a Jerk!!,,,,,etc,,,,

    So i Know how you Feel,,,and like your son says He loves you and your a Great Mom!,,,,,Believe in your Childern and your love for them will Be returned!

    I Felt kind of Bad Because My Girls couldn't be here for Mom's day they were Working and Busy,,,But they sent Cards and thier love with phone calls,,,,

    They all live 3-7 hours away,,,,,,,,But i didn't let on to them that I was wishing they were here because that would have only made them feel bad!,,,,,,Mom's really shoulder alot that No-one eles knows about but them! (Us)!!

    And then i went to spend the day With my Dad for his 89th birthday,on saturday,,,so it all came down to a schedule thing,,,,,,,,,,,,HUgs!,,,,Sis
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    My DH did well but my oldest daughter didn't. All I asked for was a phone call, I told her I would be happy with that. My younger daughter, the one who is usually very unreliable called and we talked for quite a while. Older DD finally called at 9 last night. That was too late I was already upset and I still am. She forgot my birthday in February, too.

    Just making for a sad day today.

  8. Granniluvsu

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    Yes, my DH of almost 47 years is not one for cards either and we didn[t go out to eat cause we were both really pooped out after working at the Rodeo the Knights of Columbus had. He did say that we would go out another evening though.

    He laughs many times as he also say "You are not my mother" (-: !! but I know he is kidding. However, he runs around cll me mother all the time anyway. Then I say, I am not your mother (-: !!

    We usually do not go out for Mothers Day (on that day) anyway as it is usually very crowded in the restaurants and the service not as good, etc. One daughter asked for us to come over to eat but we were rather tired and asked if we could do it at another time soon. I know she has a present for me. One daughter sent flowers and two others called that don't have much money. My son was oot and I just received a pretty silver charm bracelet from out son and dil with names of our children on it Many years however I did not receive anything but a card if I ws lucky or a call.

    You are lucky you have a sweet daughter and caring son. Try not to let it get to you to much but I know that is very hard to do.

    Think positive on what you do have.I know it hurts though when they don't acknowlege you on Mother'sDay . I used to get hurt to but usually did end up eating or or something most of the time.

    I do not always hear from all my kids on my b-day or our anniversary and I know it does hurt when I don't.

    God bless sweetie. Be happy for what you do have. As far as your DH goes, just bop him on the head or something (-: !!


  9. jole

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    Granni's reply just made me think of a poem I had read, so will put it under a new post for all of us women whose hubbies think we're not up to par or need a word of thanks.

    I've been where you are many times, and understand the hurt. So has my daughter, and as hard as it is for me, it's even harder to watch your child go through it with their man. What's the problem with these guys??

    They sure want something special for Father's Day. Last year I did card, no special meal, nothing. Maybe he thought about it, because I got a card this year.

    I'm sorry, and hope your hurt has faded. (Read my post)

  10. poets

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    Thank you all for your posts. My son and I went out and got a nice bench for the front porch. Now we're in the process of putting it together.

    I appreciate so much your support. It makes it hurt a lot less. Friends like all of you are appreciated more than you will ever know.