Mother's Day

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  1. niece

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    Mother Prayer

    Dear Lord,
    today we pray for mothers--
    our own mothers, and mothers everywhere,
    who have made such a major contribution
    to the good qualities we have,
    sometimes through genetics,
    more often through great effort and patient instruction,
    and who have done their best
    to gently polish away our rough edges.

    Lord, please bless our mothers
    for the endless hours of time they spent
    and the boundless energy they invested in us.

    Bless our mothers for their sacrifices on our behalf
    as they often gave up or deferred their own dreams
    so that we could have ours.

    Bless our mothers for always being there for us,
    for being the person we know we can turn to
    when we need comfort, encouragement, or just a hug.

    Bless our mothers for making a home for us
    where we could feel safe, where we felt we belonged.

    Most of all, Lord,
    Bless our mothers for their unconditional love,
    for loving us no matter what,
    and for frequently showing love
    in ways that make us feel valued and cherished.

    Lord, please bless our mothers mightily.
    Strengthen them, soothe them,
    wrap them in Your infinite love
    and shower them with blessings
    too numerous to count, too magnificent to describe.

    We love them, admire them, respect them,
    and we wish that You would give them back
    many times the good they gave to us.

    In Jesus' name we pray; Amen.

  2. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    God, please kick my Mom in the butt for her abuse of me as a child and after I became a disabled adult. It would be good to know that your infinite love has some boundaries for those who mistreat their children.
  3. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Wishing a Happy Mother's Day to all loving Mothers. I think of my Grandmother who was the nurturing, caring, 'mother' in my life.

  4. niece

    niece New Member

    it really saddens me that you suffered abuse at the hands of your mother.
    And still suffer the ill effects of that abuse today.
    I have some toxic family members, I cut them out of my life....
    and I have been working really hard to forgive them.....
    for myself so that there mental abuse can't continue...
    So I forgive them "BUT DON'T EMBRASE THEM"
  5. niece

    niece New Member

    mother's are who "you" call mother it could be a sister a aunt
    a grandmother and adopted mother a step mom.....

    In my life it was my mama she was my rock....
    the one that I ran to......and I do miss her so much...
    And I lost my daddy just 9 months ago so I feel a total loss
    And to visit them I had to sit at there graves and I would have loved to been able to went to a mother's day dinner
    loved to had a peanut butter cake or a pan pf chicken dressing
    Mama and Daddy always cooked at all the holidays they cooked together and I loved spending the day with them....
    So today was a sad day for me and I just posted the prayer
    to thank all mother's......
    hope you had a special day
  6. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    At times I search the death databases to find out if Mom has finally died. The therapist said that once she has died, then I won't have to worry about her ever stalking me again and I won't have to keep looking over my shoulders, taking different routes driving and generally making sure I continue to be safe from Mom.

    God and I have different conversations--particularly about life post Mom and life with Mom. I am grateful for the many wonderful things in life God has shown me and continues to show me. But when it is my time, him and I will surely have some heated conversations as I need answers that only he can provide.
  7. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I'm so glad that your Mama was a loving rock to you! She must have been wonderful.

    You're so right about there being other mothers in the world that we can 'adopt'. I have 3 friends who are nuns who are sister/mothers to me. They are so extraordinarily loving and welcoming - always there for me. I've known them for over 35 first it was hard for me to take in even the gentlest words of kindness.

    But now I can just pour out my heart to them - in whatever circumstances. They are wise and comforting.

    You've lost your Dad so recently - yesterday must have been so painful in all your longing and loss. I loved hearing about them cooking together, making such delicious foods; and I'm sure a loving atmosphere.

    God bless them! I know they are thinking of you, still connected in love, and longing to be together again. I'm glad you posted your prayer in honor of your mama, and all loving mothers, and women with mothering hearts.

    I hope I didn't upset you - writing what I did. I'm thinking maybe it would have been better if I would have put it on another thread. But I wasn't thinking clearly.

    It's good having you on this board! I loved what you shared about your parents, and their ways. The peanut butter cake, and the chicken dressing. I'm so glad you had all those wonderful times together. Praying for God to comfort you in your losses, and grieving, and to have hope to be together with your parents again. And hoping you will share more about your life.

    Love, Judy

  8. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    It's interesting that I think of my grandmother to this day, more than I do my own mother. A sad thought, but I have been thinking of my mother lately. Probably because I ran across some pictures of her. But, my best childhood memories, are when I was at my grandmother's house. Actually, I remember two different homes. Always good memories...that's why I like chickens! She had a beautiful piece of land in Virgina. Loved collecting those eggs!
    I know I'm late on this Mother's Day wish, but I am hoping everyone had something good to remember as someone here said, there is always someone that you can think of as a mother figure. I loved my grandmother so. My mother wasn't as loving as my grandmother was to me, but I still miss her now that she is gone. Interesting, I can't even imagine feeling my mothers arms around me, but I can still remember the wonderful feeling of my grandmother's lap, and her running her hands through my hair, and humming a christian song. :))
    I wonder why it is so hard for some to show their love, and so easy for others.
    Love, to all,...and I know I get that from my grandmother. :p
  9. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Coming from you it means a lot! Thank you. I love the way you build people up, the way you have done since you've been here.

    I was thinking of when we read The Shack - and one of the things that I loved about it was the maternal qualities so abundant in the story. And Sarayu and her fractal garden.

    That book deals with the deepest, most painful losses; and yet wakens the heart and imagination to all we are meant to find, I believe.

    Love to you,
  10. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    Ok, I'll take you as a sister any ol time.

    Yes, back in the day, a lot of moms had the idea that strict, was the only way to go...grandmothers always had, and always will, have the fun of spoiling, at least that's what I do to a point. Fun little critters! The kids that is, the chickens are fun little critters too.

  11. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Oh Rain.... I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Your loss and great sorrow. I remember a while back when you had spoken of him.

    Was he ill for a long time? Please don't answer if it brings more pain. Sometimes it is good to talk - sometimes it is not the right time.

    I just wrote a long post to you - then had to delete it. It was too much for right now - something within my own family, about loss.

    Keeping you in my prayers- hoping some will wrap around you for a measure of comfort.

    I can see why you would be drawn to reading The Shack now.

    With much love,

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  12. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    I'm so sorry, I hadn't heard about your brother. You are such a strong person.
    You have always seemed to find a way to find your personal truth in all matters along your paths of life here.
    I can't imagine your sadness right now. I believe that you will find that balance in life again, you know how, you have done it in the past. We seem to lean/learn on what has worked before. Sometimes, it takes time, sometimes, it needs to take time.
    Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Love, Cynthia
  13. Doznclan3

    Doznclan3 New Member

    No need for guilt..that's why this board is here..I've felt the same way..but it's good to know that we all here understand just that..that we all have something going on, and it's great to have a place to come and just vent...
    Here's a new one for you, Hugs and Kisses going your way..

    Love, Cynthia
  14. niece

    niece New Member

    I stressed about this prayer that I posted that it caused some painful memories and I never intended to do that....
    But as I have read this thread I notice that it has also brought
    friends together and that's a good thing....
    I almost deleted it after the first couple days but now I'm glad I didn't.....
    Thank y'all for your kind words.
  15. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Don't allow yourself to go with the guilt feelings. It perhaps comes from always being a caretaker.

    I know people in their 40's, 50's and 60's that say they felt like orphans when their parents died.

    And also when my mother died last year, I grieved so hard, and was so shook up - because of memories that were brought up, but also dreams and hopes from all ages I felt again - that would never be fulfilled.

    And being separated from the rest of my family was so painful at that time.

    I have a good, loving husband, and friends that understand me well, and love me well.

    But for me at least, there is heavy grief at having no family. It's only for the sake of survival, that I've had to cut off. Even connecting again occasionally - and almost getting destroyed in the process.

    I feel very honored that you opened your heart to us!

    I've been praying for you throughout the days - for Love to permeate all of your reality. For hope, and healing and growth.

    I know how hard grieving is. I'm so glad that we can help you even a little bit.

    You are such a wonderful person, Rain.

    Love, Judy
  16. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I read and reread this post a few times, I was overjoyed for those with a healthy mom and sad for those who are suffering because of an unloving mom.

    Mothers day was hard for me this was my second year alone, I am estranged from my family, by their choice and my mom who is very dysfunctional. My eldest child who is 18 has also now joined them and I no longer have contact, he just won't answer or acknowledge me. I hear from my younger 2 often, and will see them next school holidays.

    The grief is unbearable at times, its a brokeness that never goes away, being estranged and hated by your own family is so hard.

    I recently traveled across Australia to meet my Father for the first time, I guess it was my last hope of having a family member in my life. He was a violent Alcoholic, 37 years on and his hatred was overwhelming, I stayed 3 days and still trying to recover and understand.

    I feel so grieved and alone, Thankyou for sharing your stories, I pray the pain subsides and healing comes, and good people will come into our lives.

    God Bless.

  17. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I'm glad you posted the poem, and please don't regret that. Some had great Moms, but others did not. And although those of us with bad Moms can forgive, we will never forget. Your poem gave me a chance to speak out during a holiday that brings up a reminder of my Mom and I hope that if any holiday or day brings up some bad memories for any one of us, that anyone can speak out here and know they are safe to do so. We all need a safe place to land.

    I have come to not hate Mom, but instead I hated what she did. I also settled within myself that no one can do what Mom did and be a normal person so she was ill for so long and it explained so much for all of us.

    But during Mother's Day it does make me smile to think of God kicking her in the butt.

  18. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I don't think I ever expressed my sympathy at the passing of your brother and I'm so sorry he passed. I hope that in your grief that this board provides some relief. And if it would help at all to post about him as a way of helping to grieve, I know people would be supportive.

    As to MCL, I'm surprised to learn he has lung and eye problems. He was so Poppy crazy. The poor lad has struggled since he was still in the shell and you were there trying to put his umbilical cord up to the egg's food sack. He was a miracle survivor. But that your brother left you Jewel and that Jewel and MCL have formed a good bond, now that's incredible. Jewel really is a "Jewel" for MCL and MCL has filled a needed part of Jewel's life--that's wonderful. As always, you take care of this wonderful Arc of animals and I love to hear all about them.
  19. Sweetpotatoe

    Sweetpotatoe New Member

    I'm also sorry for the passing of your brother.

    Time takes the sting out of things, I'm so glad you have more peace about your mom, yes its so complicated.

    I know time has lessoned my grief for my kids, I'm hoping and praying time will lesson the pain of traumatic events too, the abuse and betrayal.

    Its a new day, I'm really striving to overcome this severe depression and have some peace.

    Thanks for your post, you are amazing.

  20. niece

    niece New Member

    Windblade, TwoCatDoctor, rainbow11, Doznclan, sweetpotatoe
    I'm So Gald that this thread has brought all y'all together I worried there for a little bit that it brought up old hurts and painful past but I see that it has been good to be able to vent to friends. <(((><

    I Have had to cut my brother's out of my life since my daddy died in 09 and my baby brother and I use to be close but there was a incident in 07 that stopped that....
    I had come to forgive him before my daddy died but that didn't mean I had to eat supper with him.....
    And the other 2 are just toxic (sad)

    I don't have kids I lost 1 at 5 months and was never able to
    get pregnant again but I think I would have made a great mama I have had doggies through my life and they are my babies.....
    take care

    edit to add:
    I have my baby laying right here beside me she has settled down since the storm has passed......I have to hold her sometimes if it gets bad cause she shakes so I cuddle her and tell her it's okay......

    edit #2 have a picture of my fur baby on profile......
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