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  1. clerty

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    I was interested in reading your posts about this can someone elaborate on this

    How they got diagnosed
    what where the symptoms
    what is the treatment

    I have a lot of problem with my sinus areas they are constantly throbbing I wonder if this could be an issue
    I have been on a lot of antibiotics over the last 3 years.
  2. natrlvr2

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    I saw an allergist who did alot of testing.My main allergies are housedust,mold,ragweed and pets. I took the allergy shots for a yr. and a half(could not afford to do it longer).It did help for a long time though with my allergies. Now I just use Flonase.
  3. clerty

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    and swears by it I might give it a go
    thanks very much !!!
  4. suzette1954

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    I hope better than yesterday.

    My FM started with a hurt back and when I was sent to an orthopedic, He was the first to say FIbro. Then I was sent for nerve testing and he said the same thing.

    Then my PCP sent me to the first rheumy and he said the same thing.

    Ive also suffered from severe allergies and sinus problems my whole life. I was a sickly child and I can remember my mom making me a bed on the sofa with a pan of water on the coal stove we had and I would cough all night. I took 8 allergy shots a week for 6 yrs and they said I would never get to maintance so I finally quit going. I still have to take antibiotics over and over, especially in the winter.

    I would love to do all of the yeast treatments everyone has been posting about the last couple of weeks but I dont know where to begin. What happens when you get sick and they want you on an antibiotic? Does that make you sicker if you are doing the probiotics etc?

    I dont know,

  5. clerty

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    6 am this morning I am feelig a bit better thanks I had to go to the chemist to get cannisten tables for my thrush
    I wonder if this is ,making me feel so ill
    anyway I can take some antibiotics but some make me ill
    Augmentin give me panic atacks terrible penny c is ok in a low dose trial and error with me
    thanks agin for being there for me I have hope on here