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    Hi to all, I am a new member and given that I too suffer from this phenomena called 'depression' - I really have some insight to share with others also going through it are probably and most likely aware or not even?

    I have, for the past 13 years of my adult life suffered terribly from all of the symptoms that accompany depression and have had different forms of therapy though have always been very reluctant to take prescribed medicines to which my own sense of self-autonomy has ensured that I dodn't.

    I am also a very well read and learned person with degrees in ancient history and phsychology. The root causes of depression have many standard explanations to its causes etc and ways in which to treat and beat it but truly and honestly, I really beleive that what causes depression is very strongly related to trauma and/or post-traumatic stress disorder where the body psyche (mind) simultaneously with the body, goes into a sort of shut-down as a coping mechanism to protect us from the exposure of what had created the trauma-expereince our minds are extremely sophisticated to switching off from.

    I do not for one second believe that depression occurs from nothing nor do I beleive that it is there for no apparant reason whatsoever. There are underlying factors as most people suffering from it would agree and are fairly enlightened enough to at least recognize and research their moods and feelings with all available resources in which to identify possible causes.

    I believe that many present symptoms of depression in people are the direct result of an early trauma occurring in childhood to which the mind has blocked off the sensations of the trauma and consequently have arisen as a kind of unexplained mourning process in adulthood to which the adult feels helpless and fearful and depend upon pills as a buffer between them and their overwheling feelings. Many of us are not entirely in touch with what those feelings really are on a very deep-level and how it is they can change how they feel because feelings can be very scary and perceived as being so difficult to manage or comprehend even.

    I had read extensively just recently how a new internationally recognized clinical trials laboratory experiment on dogs who had been exposed to trauma shock and given the opportunity to escape did not - The findings were that their newly conditioned-response was to remain paralyzed by the fear (such as what depression does to humans) they remain in the trauma-aura environment because it is familiar and safe once a learned response but does not offer real solutions to the underlying causes.

    The real key solution here, is that if you do suffer from depression, is that you are genuinely wanting to stop it and will look for so many ways in which to have it stopped permanently. The reality is and what I have come to learn based upon all of my experiences, is that it can only be done when there is an addmittance to what could possibly cause it in some and not others. It is not there for no reason at all and by all accounts, is a by product of underlying emotional response to a situation whether in the past or present, to which a person has been exposed to some kind of trauma whether they be adult or child.

    A change of environment, divorce, bullying, childhood sexual abuse, maternal deprivation and neglect, sibling rivalry etc etc are all forms of expereinces in which there is an exposure to trauma however conscious or unconscious those experiences were and feelings surrounding them, need expression and release in order for depression to be directly confronted and challenged. It takes a great deal of courage and determination but will stop depression directly in its tracks if the individual stops being in denial of what has possibly caused it. It may take therapy to uncover these things or a lot of researching, but willingness to try is the key - rooting up the past, greiving loss and moving on cannot be done unless there is a committment to healing.

    Liz Adamason is what changed my whole perception of depression and she truly is a remarkable and qualified psychologist and her books are tremendously insightful as well as ultimate depression-beating but again, it takes someone who truly wants to stop this perception of depression and to finally get to the root causes that creates and perpetuates it. I shall be writing my own books some day and she certainly has been the inspiration I have been looking for for a very long time and knows exactly what she is talking about.
    People in denial will not benefit from it as they will not only be shut-down but releuctant to finally face why it is they suffer from this thing called depression which in all honesty, is a mourning process the psyche is repeatedly going through because pills do not solve the problem - it is the willingness of the person wanting to get to the root causes that is the only real effective way of making it stop alltogether.

    Psychologists world-wide are trained in their feild to know that what causes depression is indeed the cause of exposure to trauma - doctors provide pills to partially remedy it but it is the trained therapists who know their stuff and why so many great books on the subject are written about it. To really stop depression is to emrege all underlying emotions clearly and putting onto paper, really being in touch with it and recognizing what the trauma is, where it comes from and how it has arisen (therapy will help uncover all of this) but you need to first motivate it in yourself to get to the core root.

    The way the system works, is to allowe the opportunity for self-expression of painful feelings buried deep inside to come to the surface in any which way possible and to let anger and pain follow in safe ways. Scream it out in the woods, burn written letters to those you stil bear angry feelings, run it out - but allow it to surface and write down in a diary everyday, what is occuppying the mind that contains all you need to know about why you are depressed. To work on these feelings, you need to understand whay they are there and this takes some reading through various emotions until you get there but often we cant see them because we are shutting off from them.

    Depression is not a medical illness, it is a result of trauma and it takes enlightened people to know this because they are open and reasoning with themselves.

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    I can only speak for myself;the following is true for me.

    This is how depression was explained to me: first, an early childhood trauma, second, a biological predisposition, third, present difficult circumstances.

    Any of the above can be the cause of the the depression, but in most cases it is a combination of all three.

    Of course there are other factors and depression is by no means a simple disease. Denamay

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    I can certainly understand how early trauma could bring about depression. However, that is not what caused my depression.

    I became depressed because I was ill to the point of disablity. My life, as I had known it, became a thing of the past. I lost my job, my career, my self-worth, my finances, many "friends", my independence, my ability to take care of myself and my family, my hopes and dreams, etc.

    I became isolated and unable to contribute to society. I was so fatigued that I could barely function and my brain was so fogged I could barely have a conversation. That's enough to make anyone depressed! I was diagnosed with Depression: adjustment disorder.

    So how did I overcome my depression? Whenever my physical fatigue lifted, so did my depression, because then I could be more active and think more clearly.

    I got a proper diagnosis...lyme disease. Started treatment. Then, for a period of time I became further depressed because in killing off the bacteria, candida, mycoplasma, and other assorted critters in my body, toxins were released that caused my brain to have problems big-time.

    By easing off the treatment, detoxing, and adjusting my thyroid meds, and taking SAMe, and getting some proper sleep at night, not to mention the sunshine coming out, voila, my depression is gone. I'm feeling better. I'm able to be more active. I can have more normal conversations. Maybe I'm getting my life back...there's hope and I'm feeling it.
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    The only way to understand something is to experience it yourself, therefore anything and everything read in a book can not teach you what depression is. Trying to state otherwise to those that are in depression themselves only shows your ignorance and stupidity. The main fundamental principle of psychology is that one can only learn from one's own experiences, hence why psychologists never tell you what to do but rather wait for you to choose what to do. Anyways, I'd be perfectly willing to post my definition of depression here, but the moderators would delete it because of how suicide-encouraging it is.

    Being a psychologist/psychologist-in-training I would also expect you to be familiar with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which states that no matter what if one's physical needs (health/illness) are not met he/she cannot even begin to acknowledge his/her emotional needs (happiness/depression). How do you expect anyone to be able to satisfy their emotional needs (happiness/depression) when their physical needs are not met (health/illness)? Also, don't tell me that 'people recover from CFIDS/FM'. They continue to live, but the physical pain always persists and never actually goes away. All the members here as well as myself can attest to that.

    Just remember this: once you think you know everything, you really know nothing. Also, the people you deal with in the psychiatric profession are very fragile, so be VERY careful what you say to them. I certainly hope you're not one of those people that thinks CFIDS/FM is only in our heads, and if so, I certainly hope you develop CFIDS/FM and learn the truth about CFIDS/FM for yourself.

    Mods: I wonder why he/she came here to say this to us specifically instead of at the Depression forum. That's why I posted that last sentence. Did anyone else get the feeling he/she was saying that CFIDS/FM isn't real when he/she said 'Depression is not a medical illness'? I certainly did.
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