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  1. DeborahHutchby

    DeborahHutchby New Member

    Hi everyone. Wanted to know if anyone suffers from swelling of the mouth and /or tongue. This usually happens at night when gums and roof of my mouth swell rapidly making flaps of skin. This feels sore and when swelling reduces maybe nest day, whole area is left feeling almost like when you have burnt your mouth!

    I wondered if it was an allergy due to wheat or dairy intollerence, I just don't know and Dr is unsure.

    It swells so much I worry it may block my throat, sometimes my breathing is more difficult when it happens!

    I have noticed it sometimes happens after a milky drink or cereal.

    Any suggestions would be greatly apprecciated!
  2. 1faith

    1faith New Member

    Since it usually happens at night you might consider an allergic reaction to something in your room-especially dust mites which are in your bed (everyone's bed). I've read that the majority of house "dust" is actually dead skin cells and the dust mites that eat them up. Gross. There are zip up allergy mattress and pillow covers you can buy-I'll have to look up the name of mine. Other things you might consider if you haven't already are things like carpeting, dust on blinds/curtains, plants, dust on ceiling fans.

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