mouth full of uclers

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    Help! Am I in a flare when this happens? I hurt more when this happens. What can I do to get better? Please any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You should see your doctor. Mouth ulcers are not a symptom of CFS or FM.
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    it really seemed to help me almost immediately to swish out my mouth with solution of 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 water. i wouldn't do it more than once/twice a day. i put enough of the half and half mixture in a glass and would rinse, gargle, spit--then refill my mouth with fresh mixture and repeat--maybe enough for four times.

    i read online you can do salt and water mixture also, but i didn't try that. the peroxide-water seemed to help a lot--immediately started calming it down, and after not too many days my situation was cleared up. good luck! sascha
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    I've had a few bad cases of these whitish raw sores covering all areas of my mouth. The first time was w mono as a teen and the last time was a yr ago when I detoxed off pain meds. I was very sick both times and my immune system was overloaded!

    The last time my doc told me they were caused by a yeast infection and gave me a prescription mouthwash that I think was Nystatin, a thick yellow was awful!! I had to swish it around and then swallow it, just about made me vomit every time.

    Also, I've been hearing lately that using peroxide to clean wounds etc is bad because it damages cells, even if it's diluted. My mom always swore by peroxide for everything!

    Anyway, I know how horrid it is to have these sores. It's not easy to eat or drink so many things. I had to drink Boost drinks in order to keep my strength up last yr, I was so sick. Hope you get them all better soon.
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    I am in the nursing professional and I suppose could suggest all sorts of anti microbial treatments but there is an old wives rememdy that WORKS EVERY TIME....... jelly powder...... Eat jelly powder! I don't know what it is about it, the gelatine or what but it really works!..... If that doesn't work then the next big gun I can think of is a tea tree mouth wash!.... try it anyway.... :)

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    just had a show on canker sores with several remedies. one was a tea bag. look on his site. when i have them all my body hurts. glands swell its miserable. love gail