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    Anyone have painless mouth sores? I started getting them when I was pregnant with my second child. They are definitely hormone related to some extent but thought they might be a fibro thing too. I get them on the front inside of my mouth (above my chin - on the inside). They start out white and then burst and turn red. They never hurt but sometimes cover the entire area. They come quickly and are gone a few days later. I have seen an oral surgeon and he was stumped but said, since they heal, not to worry. Any thoughts???
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    Seems that everytime I have a flare with my CFIDS, I get mouth sores; however, mine do hurt when I try to eat something. Strangely enough, I often have bleeding gums at the same time, and stomach upset. I also have a low-grade fever and usually a slight sore throat. I haven't the slightest idea why these things would be happening at the same time.

    I'm wondering if these are just normal symptoms of being in a flare with CFIDS? I'm just not familiar with bleeding gums being a part of CFIDS flare. Does anyone know?

    However, I have heard of bleeding gums and upset stomach going together sometmes. But not related to CFIDS.

    Anyone ever had this? And has anyone had the painless mouth sores that srs7874 has that go away quickly? Think
    there is any connection?


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    I get mouth sores all the time. They're not really painless though, they're really sensitive to acidic foods and so on, most fruit I can't eat when I have a mouth sore, that sort of thing.
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    There are a couple diseases that could be the cause...

    "Linchen Planus" and "Phemigoid". Do a search & you'll find info. Many don't have allot on the Oral Phemigoid tho, so keep looking.

    My Husband has Phemigid which is an auto-immune disease that causes blisters & can be very very painful. It can also be on the skin. It can spread. Steroids are the usual treatment, but he can't take them, so the medical dentist has him on low dose antibiotics long term. It can go into remission over time. You have to also eliminate the foods that flare it up. One biggie is aspertame in diet soda. So he no longer drinks them. Spices, high acid foods & hard cheese are other foods cause his to flare. Each person is different & must determine which foods trigger a flare up. It must be kept in check if at all possible to avoid ulcers.

    Linchen Planus is usually non-painful. Many have it & don't even know that they do. One sign is usually spiderweb like white lines on the gums.

    Regular dentist, even oral surgeons, don't normally have the training to dx these, but a "Medical Dentist" does. My husband was sent to one & had a biopsy done before we finally knew what he had.
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    The oral surgeon I saw had his DDS (from Columbia) and an MD (from Harvard) - I couldn't believe his qualifications as I sat in his office. What a smarty pants!! Anyway, he said it did not resemble lichen planus which is what I thought it might be too. I appreciate your info though!
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    I get a lot of cankers. They can get really big and are painful. I get them inside my lips and down my throat.

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    My grandma had that exactly and it was a B12 deficiency and it cleared up ever to bug her again after a few weeks of B12 shots. You might want to get your B12 levels checked if you haven't recently.

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    I have them as well, but I have Lupus and they are a symptom of that as well. There are many reasons for them and most likely an autoimmune response.