mouth sores?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jenrach, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. jenrach

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    I'm new here, and was wondering if anyone else suffers from mouth sores with their CFS? I get them usually around my period, painful canker sores on my tongue. Any advice?

  2. Banka8

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    Hi all,

    After being on the Marshall Protocol for over a year now my constant canker sores are resolving. I used to have at least 10 or more canker sores all the time in my mouth. I was hoping that the Marshall Protocol would take care of this problem and it did. I would try and manage them by using baking soda to brush my teeth and rinsing with Listerine and this did help a little. Now I am brushing with regular toothpaste. My gums are in great shape with no bleeding. This is just another wonderful developement on the Marshall Protocol. Little by little the Marshall Protocol works.

    Take care all
  3. connieaag

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    My daughter gets them right before she has a flare. She has huge ones in the back of her throat. We used to always have a strep test one, but they are just viral from her body getting run down. Another reason why her doc is big on the high dose AVs.


    PS She has a Rx liquid that numbs them. It's called Lidocaine. She swabs them with a long q-tip like they use for strep tests.
  4. zion1971

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    i used to get them a lot! the doctors could not explain. my family members get them too. i find that when i am stressed and run down they come. i also take BC powders and other pain meds that i know contribute to them. now that i am not working and resting more, they are less frequent.

    a doctor put me on prednisone once when they were really bad. they left after 2 days on it. but prednisone is nothing to play around with.

  5. connieaag

    connieaag New Member

    I just remembered, the doc told my daughter to throw out her toothbrush each time after the sores healed and use a new one.
  6. Lendy5

    Lendy5 New Member

    The only product I have found to help is Orabase or Orabase - B by Colgate. It forms a film over the sore and numbs it for a few hours.

    Hope you find relief soon.

  7. suzannekart

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    I get them regularly. It is when I don't sleep well for several nights which is usuall do to stress. It seems I get too run down to deal with the stress and then I will get these very painful sores one after another for a couple of weeks. After I start getting more rest and sleep they go away. I hate them.
  8. rhonda101

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    As a matter of fact I am just getting over a bad cold and flare. I broke out with a little blister on the outside of my mouth, but then the back of my tongue and throat did. It is a miserable feeling but I learned from my ENT doctor, it's a part of FM and CFS. He puts me on steroids and a numbing medicine. Feel better soon.