Mouth Sores

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. TaniaF

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    Help, I have some kind of cancre sore on the bottom of my tongue. I bit myself and voila a white cancre sore on the skin tag where I bit it. Any suggestions to heal this problem? It hurts!
    Do people with CFS or FM get these sores more often? If I dare bite or hit the tissues with the toothbrush I get these sores.
  2. ERICK33

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    Just had gotten over one. I don't get them real often but one or two a year is not out of the ordinary for me. I have noticed that they come on after oral injury or when fighting off a virus that may be going around.
    I have used a diluted water/hydrogen peroxide solution as a mouthwash to keep the sore clean and also a liquid goldenseal tincture on the sore. I have heard that this helps speed healing. but it usually takes 10 to 15 days to to disapear for me.
    I have read that people with immune dysfunction can be prone to severe and large cancre sores, especialy associated with hiv. so this would also make sense in alot of cases of cfs.
    Also in my research i have read that a B vitamin deficiancy can cause people to be prone to cancre sores. the amino acid lysine supplementation has also been advised. I guess this is in the case that a herpes virus was playing a role.
    good luck,
  3. MildredAnn

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    Gloxide, which is an over the counter product you can purchase at grocery stores, or drug stores, helps to cleanse your mouth and keep it healthy. This might be helpful to you.
  4. SPR30

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    I get them too, if you have nothing else handy to try a good 'ol warm salt water swish can help.
  5. healing

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    they come and they go without lasting very I generally don't treat them.
  6. lebra

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    are common problem that I also suffer with. They occur with any type of oral irritation. Eating hot spicy foods and foods high in acid can bring them on. have had several at one time and is really painful. I do not know what causes them either but sure would like to know.
  7. Ruthus

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    I have had canker sores as far back as I can remember, but since dx. with fibro and sjgrens had them constanst I read about VALTREX and finially my Dr. gave me presc. for it, have been taking it for several, no sores had a few to start and they went away. It is wonderful, I also somehow bite under my tounge and those sore seem to hurt the worse. Ruthus
  8. jka

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    i use to get them all the time.sometimes up to 12 at a time.
    i foud using peroxide on them helped alot.if i felt one coming on-i woulh start to use peroxide on the spot- then they never fully devoled.
    good luck