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  1. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    I have been getting a lot of mouth ulcers on my tongue, gums and lower inside lip. I was wondering if anyone else gets them. And does anyone know anything I can do or take to prevent them.

    This question may sound a bit lame, but I was only diagnosed 1 month ago with FM and CFS (although I have had it for 7yrs), so I am still learning about all the little things involved and wonder if it had anything to do with the IBS, diet etc

  2. LBV

    LBV New Member

    everytime my sister is really doing bad(she is the sick one) she has BAD mouth ulcers. It stumps all the doctors she sees and they usually say it is just a virus....JUST? She says it is very painful.

    Thanks for posting on this brit, I hope there are more replys.
  3. tanyasue

    tanyasue New Member

    But my dentist seems to have done some research on the subject. There are several OCT drying agents that work.He said to make sure to start using them the second you know you have one. It should cut their life to about half.

    I have also heard that lack of vitamin C can cause it.

    Good luck, I hate when I get them. Especially if I have more than one.

  4. BabiCati

    BabiCati New Member

    My mom has FM and she went through about 2 years of hell and all doctors were stumped, finally went to the top dermatologist and he did a biopsy and it was lichen planus, if you have it you need to have it treated because it can turn to cancer.
  5. Prunella

    Prunella New Member

    I sound like a broken record here but try avoiding wheat. It worked for me. No more horrible mouth sores! I actually avoid gluten, but I heard it is the wheat that causes the mouth sores.

    Of course, it is a good idea to get checked by a doctor to make sure it isn't something else. Or, just avoid the wheat first and see if that helps.
  6. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I get them quite often and they are sooooooo sore that I cant talk or eat when they are active.
    The pain is horrendous and makes my nearly cry.
    I have tried lots of stuff but found rinsing my mouth with salt water is the only thing that eases the pain and I have to let them run the course.
    I once had them for a month!!!!!Lost 10lbs in weight.....Looked great but was dying!lol

    Hope yours heal soon
    Rena UK
  7. CFIDSNicole

    CFIDSNicole New Member

    Are you all talking about cankersores?

    I get those quite often. Not as often as I used to, thankfully, but if I get sick or stressed, they come back, and I can get anywhere from just one to five or six, and they hurt.

    I bought some OTC stuff from Walmart for them, and it is better than nothing, but I haven't found any "magic bullet" for them yet.

    take care,
  8. DShep

    DShep New Member

    Mouth ulcers are caused by toothpaste. Change to baking soda for a week and they should disappear. I use Aim toothpaste which seems to not be so bad. All the popular toothpastes, Crest, etc are notorious for this.

  9. happygranny

    happygranny Member

    And still get them regularly. I get the mouth ulcers (Canker Sores) as well as raw spots in the lining of my mouth.

    I think the raw spots are caused by allergies, however the canker sores seem to just come when they want to and stay as long as they want to.

    they are very painful, that is for sure.

    Whenever this subject comes up I read, hoping for a cure.

    Ludebf, that was interesting about the Lichen PLanus, I will look into it more.



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  10. Mamalovinit

    Mamalovinit New Member

    I even remember a teacher asking me about it when I was about years old. I think she thought someone hit me my mouth looked so bad. I was always hated them and didn't want to go out when I had them.

    I was told to take L-Lysine a dietary supplement. Can be purchased at walmat or drug stores.

    It really does work, not just for me but a lot of people I have talked with. My sores would last for weeks sometimes but now they will last just a few days. I started taking the L-Lysine on most days and I haven't had those horrible things in a while.

    I would get mine with stress, sickens and when I ate high acid foods. No tomato's or oranges for me, funny I can have lemons and grapefruit.

    Hope this helps someone else too.

    I would always ask a doctor about them though. I read somewhere that mouth and nose ulcers are a symptom of Lupus.

    I have the fever blister canker sore kind.

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  11. brit_17759

    brit_17759 New Member

    everyone for your replies, advice and tips. Interesting about the toothpaste, as I have always used crest...time for a change....will give the baking powder a try.

    Interesting also about the lichen planus...I am going to the docs tomorrow for some blood tests, will mention it to him....although the word cancer did terrify me somewhat!!!


  12. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    They are NASTY, aren't they?

    I use both Vitamin C and Lysiene, twice a day, everyday. If I run out of them and don't replace, within 4 day's they are back with a vegence. (sp)

    A nurse told me, during chemotherapy, to suck on ice chips for sores in the mouth. It worked. Especially if you catch them before they are full blown.

    Hope you find some help! Ouch!

  13. CFIDSNicole

    CFIDSNicole New Member

    Yes, I heard that too. I had cankersores majorly bad when I went to music camp one summer. they were all over and made playing my flute very painful. My flute teacher told me to take some, and she even gave me some of hers she had with her. It did help, and I added it to my regimen then, but it seemed to stop working.

    CAnkersores are caused by a herpes virus, once you get it, you can't get rid of it. I've always had this problem. The docs just say, well, it's a herpes virus, and there is no way to treat them, so try to avoid stress and try to stay healthy, because if you get stressed or sick, that is when the herpes virus gets active again. Also, if you eat too many acidic foods, you can trigger them, I've found.

    They definitely are not fun, that is for sure.

  14. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    canker sores and these mouth uclers are different. I have the mouth uclers and the enormous taste bud thing all the time, they really hurt bad.

    I have a big raw patch on the side of my tongue right now as well as one on the gum between my jaw and teeth on both sides of my mouth.

    I haven't heard of how to get rid of them til now. I have been eating a lot of tomatoes! Even when I don't tho I still get the huge taste bud, usually right at the tip of my tongue.
    We are such an odd bunch of symptoms aren't we? lol.
  15. lea

    lea Member

  16. lcaldwell

    lcaldwell New Member

    mouth ulcers really are different from canker sores (according to my doctors). Last year when I was under tremendous stress, I had at least one in my mouth for about 3 months straight. I lost 20 pounds and I am a really petite person. I looked bad to myself. I went to several doctors and they were stumped. I take a lot of aspirin (BCs, etc) and think that contributed. I also believe the level of stress I am under contributes. I recently resigned from my job as a teacher. I have tried to greatly reduce my stress level, and I noticed that I have had only 2 or 3 mouth ulcers this entire year! I will say that once a doctor prescribed Prednisone during that time last year. As soon as I began taking it, the mouth ulcer left. I would not do that often though.
  17. JLH

    JLH New Member

    My young grandson who is now 9 has had mouth ulcers for years.

    He is just a skinny little thing, and when he gets these, he can't eat for days.

    I have done some research on the internet about these sores and have found out that different toothpastes do make a difference. It's the chemicals in them.

    I bought my grandson some special toothpaste made by Rembrandt - it is especially for Cold Sores. I live in a small town and my local pharmacy did not have it, but ordered it for me.

    A lot of stuff like this that my local pharmacy does not have is available in larger pharmacies like CVS, etc.

    My grandson said that it numbed his whole mouth and made his sores feel soooooo much better - and it also made his teeth whiter than the Crest that he had been using!!

    I think that there is two types of this toothpaste -- one to use as a preventative and one to use only when you have sores. What my pharmacy ordered was a Rembrandt Cold Sore Kit, which wasn't what I wanted, but turned out good, because it has the 2 types of paste as well as some numbing drops to put on the sores.

    The next time that I go to "town", I'm stopping at a CVS or some of the other larger chain stores to look for the large size of these toothpastes to get for my grandson.

    He loves the stuff!

  18. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Forgot, his doc has told him to mix up Benydryl and Maalox and rinse with it, do not swallow it.
  19. marzrox

    marzrox New Member

    and they are pure evil..

    I have discovered that homeopathic calendula ointment ( the greasy based one not the ointment) takes the pain out of them so you can eat or drink, and they heal really really quickly.

  20. devonne

    devonne New Member

    In 1989,I had been experiencing large blood blister type welts in my mouth almost continuously without any apparent reason. By chance, I found a book by a Chinese doctor, about his own personal experience with severe arthritis, nasal drip, mouth blisters, and severe sinus problems. He was in the process of converting from a Western diet to a traditional Chinese diet, -which incidentally in a short time dramaticly improved his condition-, when he decided to stop using black pepper, which eliminated his mouth problem immediately. So I quit using black pepper, and my mouth welts disappeared. I have only knowingly used black pepper on a few occasions since,and it still puts welts in my mouth. It may not be the solution to your problem, but eliminating it's use for a few days may be worth a try. I still share his other problems, particularly when I eat or drink too many Candida promoting things. NO BLACK PEPPER!
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