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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Sharon, May 2, 2008.

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    Lyme Question (Rash?) 03/16/08 08:15 PM

    Yesterday I noticed a small reddish area on my body.

    It is a triangle shape, about an inch long. It is comprised of maybe a dozen red dots, with unaffected skin between. The location is on the top part of my breast.

    Yesterday I thought it probably was a burn from my mistakenly touching something made of rubber (like a rubber band) and then brushing my finger against my skin.

    I have a severe rubber allergy, and so this happens pretty frequently.

    I also can burn myself with dust that includes poison mold, and so I thought it could be from that.

    However, today it is redder and the spots are more pronounced. I've never seen anything like that on my body before.

    The rubber/mold burns also tend to be slightly raised. This thing is not.

    It is cold here, and I've not been outside except to drive in the car to restaurants, shops, etc. That part of my body always was covered.

    I took one capsule of Minocin (50 mg) on Tuesday and one on Friday.

    I took a couple of capsules of Minocin earlier this winter. Nothing like this happened.

    Could anyone hazard a guess with regard to what this might be?


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    rashes linked to ticks/lyme 03/16/08 08:30 PM

    hi lisa

    There a gallery of photos of rashes at:

    I had many deja vu moments when a friend contracted lyme disease last summer; even our rashes were similar. The rash and classic Sx, incuding neuro ones, occurred over two years after the onset of ME.

    tc, tansy



    rash 03/16/08 08:35 PM

    Of those photos, it looks most like the "EM Rash."

    What is that?



    EM rash for lisa 03/16/08 08:43 PM

    Usually, one of the first signs of infection is a circular rash called erythema migrans, or EM. This EM rash occurs in approximately 70-80 percent of people infected with Lyme disease.

    It begins at the site of a tick bite about 3-30 days after the bite occurs. What sets this rash apart from other rashes is that it gradually expands over a period of several days, reaching up to 12 inches (30 cm) across.

    The center of the rash may become clear as the rash gets bigger, resulting in a bull's-eye appearance.

    The EM rash may be warm but is not usually painful. Some patients develop additional EM rashes in other areas of the body after several days. Those who are infected can also experience other Lyme disease symptoms fairly early, including:

    Muscle and joint aches
    Swollen lymph nodes.

    In some cases, these may be the only Lyme disease symptoms experienced.

    Source: med tv



    rash 03/16/08 09:01 PM

    Well, this rash is definitely triangular, not circular. And I mean _perfectly_ triangular. I couldn't have made the sides straighter if I'd used a marker and ruler. It's an isosceles triangle, with two of the sides exactly the same length.

    (If it were a little less perfect, I'd think my husband drew it on me while I was sleeping. I don't think he could be that precise though.)

    In addition, it's only 1" long.

    That part of my body has not been exposed outside the house for over a month.

    A little more than a month ago, I was in Florida but still didn't wear anything that low-cut. (I've actually never owned anything that low-cut.)

    The closest would have been my bathing suit, but that was only at the swimming pool, which was right off the ocean. A few palm trees but no other vegetation. Certainly no deer.

    I feel like maybe it's associated with the Minocin. Can this stuff cause a rash similar to one associated with a bite to emerge?

    I do have all those symptoms mentioned in the post above at this moment. They emerged on Wednesday, the day after I took the first Minocin capsule.

    I also wonder if this could be related to a lyme co-infection?

    I will keep watching and report back.


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    Rashes 03/16/08 09:56 PM

    Does the lyme rash only happen early in the disease? Can it happen in later stage disease? I ask because I get these small circular red ringed spots occasionally. They are there off and on and sometimes I have one and sometimes up to 3. They have clear centers and can be dry and flaky.

    My dr did not think they were ringworm. I have an appointment this week and have a couple to show him.



    Lyme Rashes can come and go 03/17/08 05:16 AM

    kitty - yours definately sounds like a bullseye rash which means definitive Lyme Disease. A bullseye with symptoms trumps any tests.

    Both Lisa and Kitty - it's very important to take photos of your rashes in case you need them later. Try to put something in the photo (like a coin) so the size of the rash(es) can be referenced.



    Lyme Rash 03/17/08 06:10 AM

    I had my first rash (called hives back then) in 1982 but was told it was stress hives. No tests or treatments. Then again in 1995, I had full blown "hives" on various places of my body that would come and go for an entire year. I saw hoards of doctors and all they could come up with was I had an allergy to something, despite all negative tests.

    These "hives" would come and go to present day. I just found out I have Chronic Untreated Lyme Disease but just started treatment.

    Some of my "hives" were a classic in center, white or pinkish outer ring and then another dark red ring. Some were small, some were as large as dinner plates. Some raised and some flat. Some were so itchy I could not stand it and some hurt to touch. Some came and went in a day and some lasted for 2-3 weeks and grew in size over that time frame. Some even caused dark purple bruises that lasted up to 6 months.

    I was a real mess for a long time but NO ONE ever suggested LD. Really makes me so upset when I think about it. I never even thought back then to take pictures of the so called "hives" because I was embarrassed by them. I was told I was a stressed out person.

    Stress had nothing to do with my "hives"......If I had only known back then :-(

    Good luck!

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