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    Hi everyone.

    Well, we did move up to the new home we're renting this past Tues./Wed. (we came Tues. night; our stuff Wed.). Honestly, it has been nice having a much bigger place (more than twice the size) to spread out in. Our daughter also loves the big backyard complete with grass and a playset...both things our old home was lacking.

    I have tried to just not think of the old place, and I've been more than overwhelmed just unpacking here. If anything, it's been more annoying in that we had a lot of neat little efficiency things (esp. our awesome kitchen, with all pull-out shelves, etc.) that made organizing stuff a breeze. But the rental home we are in is so incredibly nice that we are very fortunate to have found it.

    I will say my joints were getting horribly inflamed (and I have CFS, not FM) from all the unpacking/bending/lifting as well as going up and down the 15 or so stairs many times a day (we're now in a two-story from a one-story). Even our kiddo was saying how her legs hurt the other day, and she is a super-active 4 y.o.! Hubby comments how firm and tight my behind looks already (I can't see that, but I am so skinny there isn't much hiding the muscle if it is getting stronger), and I honestly do feel much better physically (apart from the aches), I think just from getting some degree of exercise working around here (and the stairs).

    I did find and take my homeopathic arnica montana remedy this morning, and it has HUGELY helped with the becoming-chronic knee pain, as well as even the wrist and general joint discomfort. I also am trying to drink more water. The good thing about the move is we "discovered" a lot of things we had stored away and had forgotten about.

    I am sure once I get settled I'll have good and bad days. But I am quite surprised how much calmer, to an extent, I am, and overall how better I feel re: the CFS stuff. I had always joked that I felt so much better when I was away from my home and wondered if I got exposed to something when we did all the remodeling. Then again, it was so chronically dusty and dirty. Now, I wonder if the new environment (which is so much better for my allergies) will be good for me.

    Hubby is being super, super nice, but we'll see how it goes. Again, I'm just trying to do my thing and settle into the area. There is way more agriculture and open space in this neck of the woods (where we live was getting quite built up), and the home has some nice views of the nearby mountains, which remind me of when I was living in Arizona (I really liked it there). I am quite surprised how much I don't miss the ocean, yet, but I know all that will come.

    So, all is okay thus far. But it's still very early, and we'll see how it goes. Hubby's still home from work and our kiddo from school...both start Monday. That will be the true test, when things settle down more to normal.

    Thanks for everyone's help and support, and I'll keep you posted. I did want to let everyone know about the arnica for the aches, though.
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    yu ar doing better...ihope yu can all have a happier life together...