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    Anyone Ever See A Bright Light In A Dream? 05/26/08 11:36 AM

    I am a 51 year old woman and I have a strange tell to tale. I think a lot of my problem initially started around age 12 when my I developed Mononucleosis and then had lymph nodes in my neck grow very large and became swollen and had to be eventually removed. Then at age 18 had more lymph nodes in groin area and removed. Then off and on I had tumors in my feet that grew and had to be removed. I had 2 girls via C-Section and each time gained a lot of weight and had developed Toxemia poisoning. lived a fairly good life but knew I should feel better than I did at my age. Then the scary part. Most people that I have told this to either looks at me with a stare or laughs or thinks I'm crazy. When I was about 38 or 39 something weird happened. This is my most memorable moment bouting with what ever this horrible FM or CFS thing that has taken over my body. I lived on a dirt road and no one around for miles. Very quiet. For 2 nights I kept hearing a noise. It was sort of a hovering wooo-wooo-wooo swooching sound like a motor running (it's hard to describe). I went to door, nothing out there that I could see. No one in the house could hear it but me. It was probably in my head is why no one could hear it but me. Went back to bed. 3rd night I had just about had it, but went to sleep hearing it again but said nothing. I'm the type of person who wakes up very easily to any sound. I don't sleep thru the night and often get up 4 to 5 times to releive myself or just for no reason. This night was different. I don't know if it was a dream or not. My mind tells me it had to be. As I was laying there, I'm assuming I fell asleep as everyone says it had to be a dream, I remember going to the front door and opening it as I had done for the past few nights to see what this noise was. When I opened the door I was blinded by the most brightest light I had ever encountered. So bright that it was illuminous and what I describe as fluorescent green. The next thing I remember it was 6:00 am and my clock was going off as I had to go to work. Remember I wake up at least 4 or 5 times a night. I tried to get up and couldn't. I couldn't move. I felt like I was so tired. The tiredest I had ever been in my life 100 time over tire. I tried for around 5 mins and finally slipped off the edge. I tried to stand up and couldn't, I finally got grounded and had to grab onto furniture or what ever was around until I made it to the bathroom. Finally after sitting on toilet for about 10 mins I felt I had enough strength to get into shower. As I was bathing myself, I noticed I had what looked like puncture marks all over my arms and a bad rash everywhere. I got dressed, went over to my Mom's house to let her see what was on me and she seen more marks in places I could never see with my eyes. Since that night I have never been the same. I don't know what happened that night but it changed my life forever. It's been 13 or more years later and the past 3 months have been the worse. I am now not hardly able to walk. My legs just don't want to cooperate and the pain is horrible. I cry all the time. I have been robbed and my life has been stolen from me. I've not been able to work for years and personally have no income. My husband works but it's hard for us. I know now that I am going to have to file for disability soon as our savings is gone and fear that in it's self will be another fight. Has anyone ever seen a bright green light before in a dream or whatever and it changed their life???

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    This Is Interesting 05/26/08 12:13 PM

    First let me say "Hi", and welcome to the boards.

    I've heard of things happening to people like this before. I really have a theory but I can't say what it is because people on the board would think I was really "out there." I do find your story very believable and have had some very strange things somewhat like this happen to me as well. If you get online and do some research perhaps it may give you some insight.



    poets... 05/26/08 08:03 PM


    I don't think you are crazy. I agree with your assessment.



    green lights... 05/26/08 09:08 PM

    Yes I have seen bright green fluorescent lights too out side my french doors....have no idea what caused them...I believe you..strange things do son is very afraid of things like this...he had an experience that frightened him...he has a lot of pain in his body, 23 yrs old....don't know why, but could be FM like me...interesting...


    Thanks... 05/26/08 09:11 PM

    Thank you for not thinking I'm nuts. Seriously.



    your strange story 05/27/08 02:57 AM

    okay, i am going to mention the elephant in the room. it sounds like an alien abduction story.

    however, i have never heard of anyone with a story like that linking it to FM or pain, or bad health.

    do i think it really happened or was it a dream? i am leaning towards a dream. i have had some pretty wacky and realistic dreams in my time. where you can't tell if it was a dream or real.

    i had a dream one time (i guess it was a dream, it was so real) where i felt light and tingly and then floated up off the couch about a foot. i rotated while floating, so my head were where my feet were. i could hear the birds outside singing and see the room turning as i turned. as soon as i was aware that this was happening everything went back to normal and i woke up. some people would call this an out of body experience.

    there are special dreams called hypnogogic dreams where you are sort of awake and sort of asleep at the same time, and dreaming. your dreams are very strange but they also seem very real.

    any time i had dreams like that i was either really sick or really depressed, basically not my normal self, under a lot of extra strain.

    ps. you should file for disability now because it can take years to get approved. we can help walk you through it.

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    anyone ever see a bright light in a dream? 05/27/08 12:12 PM

    hi all,

    im saving your post to read later.

    but ive seen a bright light,and i was half asleep.i came all over calm and not scared.this was 18 years ago.

    ive seen it one more time a few month back.

    but a strange thing with me the other day was.

    id been feeling very ill with breathing problems,after getting back from shopping,this was saturday last.

    as im sat just daydreaming,i thought i smelt my mums perfume (mum passed away in 2002),we dont have her perfume in our home.

    anyway,i never said anything to my family,and just thought its probably a past memory of a smell.

    but the other day,my son said to me...i think grandma was looking in on me the other night mum,i smelt her perfume.

    then i told him that i had smelt it a few days ago,and thought it was just a memory being triggered.

    my son says,he feels her near him,often,and always smells her perfume.

    isnt that spooky.

    mum knew she was very loved at my house,i wonder if she,s checking up on us...bless.

    take care,love fran


    There's An Explanation 05/27/08 02:41 PM

    For everything, but we don't always know what it is. I've had lots of things happen to me that I can't have an explanation for like missing time,etc. That's why I'm so interested in the paranormal.

    I've read a lot about alien abductions. I have just about every book written on it. There have been cases of CFS and FM in quite a few people who suspected they were abducted. They think there could be a connection there. Just sayin' is all. Some of these people were doctors lawyers, and politicians, and they really didn't have much to gain from their claims.



    would love to talk to u 05/27/08 03:50 PM

    I do believ you and I think you know what is going on. I am a believer of the uknown.I have sleep paralysis which some people connect to the uknown.

    I don' think it's fibro related.I imagine you also have visions and intuition.Ruthe


    hey 05/27/08 03:55 PM

    I smell my moms perfume all the time.She died in 1999. Ruthie


    i have deja vue 05/27/08 10:39 PM

    hi all,

    i have deja vue (spelling),i can talk with my hubby,and say,i wish this or that would come on tv,i fancy watching it.

    then about three weeks later it comes on tv.

    i also can go to a place ive never been to before,and get a gut feeling that I HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE,even though i know i never have.

    its just a gut feeling in me.


    My Green Light 05/28/08 06:55 AM

    So glad to hear that someone else has seen this bright green light. I never said it was an alien that got me as some of the reponses seem to think I am incinuating. I don't know what happened. Maybe it was just a dream or maybe it was a paranormal experience. I don't know what happened after the green light. I just know one second it around 12:00 midnight and the next thing I remember was the green light and then all at once it was 6:00 am. I lost all that time and woke up or came to and my life was changed forever. Maybe it's just something in the brain that a seizure or something. Never had a seizure before....I'm lost...any suggestions or comments?


    Since this is already at the top of the board... 05/28/08 07:08 AM

    might I suggest that it really belongs on the ChitChat board.

    Cherlones, you are probably new and don't know that topics not specifically related to CFS and FM are welcome on the lively ChitChat board.

    I know that your initial post was related to how your illness presented but it very quickly took a perhaps not so surprising turn.

    I think we can all agree that while these subjects are very interesting we might not want to discuss them on the CFS/FM board since these boards are read by many who never post including doctors, researchers, journalists and others who would love any ammunition to discredit us.

    Why not take this over to ChitChat where more people could engage and share experiences?

    Before I go I must say that I've been remiss myself and have been talking about all kinds of off topic subjects on the CFS/FM board, too. I hope a moderator will come along and remind me of the topic guidelines.

    Peace to you,

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    I would like to respond to this post, but a search of user name "cherlones" brings up nothing. Cherlones, if you are here, check in and reply. I assume this was a first time poster on the FM board, and when the topic got moved, her only post disappeared.

    I would be glad to discuss this topic with you here, so come back!