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    Tammy's Story February 2, 2007

    This story is a request for prayer of every Christian Nationwide. I must begin by telling you a little about myself. I'm a 34 year old wife and mother. I have a wonderful Christian Husband, whom I've been married to for 16 years, we have 3 children. Kelley 14, Jessie 12, and Christopher 7. We were called by God to homeschool our children 7 years ago. With the Lord's help I've stayed at home and home schooled them.
    March of 2004- I went to the doctor with complaints of feeling very tired and a lot of muscle cramps. The doctor did a panel of blood work and told me I was Anemic and told me the cramping legs were from the Anemia. I began the medicine which was an Iron Suppliment and my leg muscles continue to get worse. In the process of this we changed Health Insurance companies, on the application you have to list any prior health problems, so of course Anemia was listed. So in the middle of this they canceled me for Pre-exsistent conditions, due to the Anemia. Now I have no insurance no one will take me.
    As the months rolled around the muscle spasms kept getting worse, I was so tired all the time-but bye now I have a few more symtoms. My hands and feet were numb and they would burn, it felt like needles were pricking me. Pains would shoot up my legs and the muscles would just knot up.
    I decided to change family physicians. We are at July 2005. This doctor was very concerned. Let me add he also was a Christian man. He began immediately running blood work.
    In the meantime I began to get worse and worse. The pain was so excruciating in my legs, the pain would climb into my back. Sleep was totally out of the question. I was getting weaker and weaker day by day. I knew in my heart I was really sick.
    My family physicians office called and wanted to see me. I knew this was one of those uh-ooo's. My blood work was way off the charts. My white blood count was critically low. Over the next couple of months more and more tests were done. My white blood kept falling and the doctor could not understand what was causing all this. By, this point it was all I could do, to put one foot in front of the other. Walking was a true challenge, I couldn't make my legs work properly- the pain was unbearable. My balance was so off, I was beginning to fall.
    My family physicians sends me to two different doctors. One being a Neuroligist and the other an Hemotology/Oncology. The first visit was the Neurologist. He immediately lined me up for test and discovered I have Peripheral Neuropathy. He couldn't do a lot for it at this time because we needed to visit the Hemotology/Oncologist first to see what was wrong with my blood.
    Oct. 11, 2005 was finally my appointment in Salem, VA. To see the Hemotology/Oncology doctor. He also did blood work. A few minutes later the doctor came in, begun to explain how your blood was suppost to look and needless to say he told me my blood was not doing all that. He said we need to do a Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy and were going to do it today. If you've ever heard of it- Then of course you know it's very painful. I went home and waited 2 weeks.
    During all of this sickness I continued to go to church, God kept me going, even when my body fought it. I knew in my heart God was with me and he carried me, when I couldn't carry myself. One sunday morning during church- God told my pastor I was healed and he prophesied it to me that I was going to be healed. God is so good.
    Two weeks later I went back to the hospital in Salem,VA. I sat very nervous in that room, and I kept thinking Jesus hold my hand- Jesus just hold my hand. The doctor came in and I knew by the look on his face that it wasn't good. To make a long story short he told me Oct. 25, 2005 that I had Mylodysplasia with Leukemia and that I needed a Bone Marrow Transplant. I thought I was going to hit the floor and I can't even describe the look on my husbands face. I cried all the way home and did for 3 days. I prayed for God to let me somehow to still be able to go to church and stay home with my husband and children. I told God if I was going to be sick- Please use me and this sickness to help someone else.
    My life changed drastically that day- nothing was the same ever again. I went home and called my pastor, church members and friends and family. My pastor filled me with scripture and encouragement-annointed me and prayed over me- the church prayed, we all prayed. I kept praying Lord just help me to be strong, hold my hand Jesus. During this time I realized hwo people treat the sick. I had friends that quit talking to me- because they were scared I would die- people showed me pity, they felt sorrow for you- not compassion. People walk around you like they're on egg shells. I thought Lord please give me strength. I knew there was a purpose for all this- I know God was in control.
    The doctors sent me yet to another hospital in Winston Salem,NC for a second opionion. By this point I was so weak and in so much pain I could barely walk or do much of anything. The doctors at this hospital re-tested the Bone Marrow and the results were the same. They had a Lady come talk to me about wigs and different hats, about chemo, a Bone Marrow Donors list. All through this my head is just spinning and I prayed God please help me- Jesus hold my hand. I left that day confused and in a daze with schelduled to come back in 2 weeks- They wanted to run more test on the Bone Marrow.
    One night I was really sick and in a lot of pain, I was lying in the bed and begun to pray for God to help me, When suddenly I went into a seizure. I couldn't move to wake my husband, I thought I Lord am I going to die tonight? Jesus literally came to me that night and held my hand the siezure stopped and he let me know the Mylodysplasia/ Leukemia was gone. I told everyone the next day it was gone- Hallelujah Praise God.
    The doctors re-tested the Bone Marrow again and couldn't find Mylodysplasia or Leukemia, They found a Copper Deficiency. You see God turned the Myelodysplasia/ Leukemia into a copper Deficiency. My Bone Marrow was healed. The doctors aren't familiar with a Copper Deficiency, there's very little research that has been done to this point. They started me on Copper Gluconate that you buy in a Vitamin Store. The copper in my body started slowly coming up.
    My Immune system was so low, my body got Peripheral Neuropathy and if your not famliar with this let me explain what this is. It's damage to the Peripheral Nerves, Which transmits information to the Brain and Spinal Cord and to every other part of the body. Burning pain, Muscle weakness, muscle wasting, Paralysis, Organ and Gland disfunctions, Numbness, Sensitive to touch. These are a few of the symptoms to give you an idea of what I have along with the Copper Diffeciency.
    Copper is most in the Liver, heart, Kidneys, Brain, Bones and Muscles. Trace amounts of Copper are Present in all body tissues. A Copper Deficiency causes many problems, it attacks the central nervous system, can causeother diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus-hairloss, Fatique, Muscle Spasms and bone pain- joint pain, memory loss, aneurysms, heart attacks and the list goes on.
    As of Febuary. 2007- I am still battling the Perpheral Neuropathy-but was doing pretty well with it. But about 6 weeks ago, I started hurting a lot worse,-I am having trouble controlling my legs again and my muscles from the neck down are spasming my bones and joints ache, My hair started thinning and coming out. I have these spells where my mind is a fog and my eyes will litterally sink into my head. I went to the doctor and we discovered my body is rejecting the copper. With the copper gluconate not working, The doctors don't know enough about copper to know what to try next they are researching copper.
    I must back track one more time to tell you how good God is. This family were christians before I got sick- but we were your average day to day christians. We loved the Lord, went to chruch 3 times a week, very involved in church and thought that we were good christians. WRONG! Through this sickness we had to learn what true faith really was, we thought we had battled war before but nothing like this. This sickness brought us together like never before. I watched my Kelley lynn go from being a little girl to a young woman, she would tend to the house, doing household chores by day, and help keep me encouraged by night. The love and devotion she has for the Lord and her family is awesome. My Jessie Leigh- became my cook- she really took a cooking class all her own and let me tell you it had to be God- because this child could cook. Jessie has so much compassion and would write and draw me pictures that has kept me going. Christopher Luke- What can I say? He tries his best to care for me- but the one thing that stands out the most is He would sit up at night and rub my feet or back and lay his hands on me and pray. My children are by no means perfect- but they've been through the battle and still in it and I'm proud of them- but please pray for them, because this is hard on them.
    My dear husband he has supported and helped me a hundred times over. Through this sickness God pulled him from being a back seat quiet christian and turned him into a Bold front seat Christian. Brad has grown with the Lord leaps and bounds. April,2006 the Lord called Brad to preach as an evangelist- God is so good.
    For me before I got sick, I wanted to be a missionary, I thought the Lord wanted me to go to Peru. I was heartrboke when I learned that for now I can't go. The Lord has shown me for now it's to tell my story- I had told the Lord a long time ago- If I must be sick for nwo use me and my sickness to help someone else.
    The Lord also has shown me patience. Don't ever pray for patience, unless your ready to do whatever it takes. I've learned truely to take one day at a time. God has shown me so much- that's another 9 page testimony. Through this sickness God called this family to start a ministry called Faith Image. We reach out to the county and surrounding areas. We spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, The Lord has shown us a lost and dying world and we must reach them. We have seen souls saved- lives changed and people delivered.
    But for now, I need your prayers, We all know- prayer is powerfull! My prayer request are the doctors find a way to get copper to absorb in my body, I can't live without it. We know God can heal me and take it all away, that's obvious with my Bone Marrow, I pray he will use my sickness to help someone else. Who know's God may allow me to meet someone like me. We have to move so please pray God finds us a good safe place. Also pray for us as a family. God is so good- he has been with us this whole time holding our hand. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Please pass this on to as many as you can!!

    God Bless You,
    Tammy Bowman

    February 17, 2007

    Update of Tammy’s Story

    After much prayer and a lot of faith of all you Christians God Has answered our prayer. We have found Copper!! Praise God!! The Copper is called, Copper Sulfate and it has to be given intravenously. I will go in the hospital as outpatient Tuesday and begin the treatment .The treatment takes 10 hrs. I will get treatments twice a week for 4 weeks at the hospital, if every thing goes well, then I can do the treatments at home with Home Health’s help . Then if the treatmens are working, I will get a porter-cath and give myself the treatment eventually.
    Be in much prayer for me, this treatment is new to the doctors. They know little about it and it has a lot of side effects . I am the first patient around here to have a Copper Deficiency , I’ve been to many hospitals and know one knows any thing about it. So, we are going totally on what little studies we have found. But, I know God is in control, He’s brought me this far, He will continue to hold my hand.
    My next prayer request is to pray about the cost of all this, with no insurance. My treatments cost $4,000.00 each treatment. I went to the Social Services and of course was denied any help. Icame home and called the hospital and they told me about a program they had called Charity Care. Thank God I qualified and with their help I will owe a $1,000.00 for each treatment. Which is still going to add up, but God helped me with the rest so I feel Blessed. I have also filed for disability, so pray it goes threw, I need the insurance. I will have to take treatments the rest of my life the doctors say, but I know God is going to heal me and take it away.

    God Bless You,

    February 20,2007

    The doctor wanted me there at 7:00a.m., of course I wasn’t in a bed until 8:00.A nurse came in to put the porter-cath in, I was so nervous, my whole body was trembling. One nurse kept putting heated blankets on me , because she thought I was cold, I never told her no different. As they prepared the tray, I begun to pray, Jesus hold my hand, I felt peace all at once, it was awesome. I was awake for the procedure, everything went great.Then we began the Copper infussion, the nurses were literally scared to death, I could see the panic on their faces. People said didn’t that panic you that they were scared, I said no because I have peace, God is in control. I went threw treatment just fine, I have a lot of naeusea and wouldn’t ya know hot flashes.Left the hospital 12hrs. later being told I that I would need to have Home Health come to my house the next day and flush the cath. I thought cool ok anything just let me out of here. Well wasn’t that simply I had prescriptions, but they did me no good for one pharmacys don’t keep that type med. On hand.For two this meicine was going to cost me $200.00 aweek, ok now that’s not counting the bandage supplies I have to have for cath. Or the neuropathy med.I sais God you know I can’t afford this.Within two days I had enough bandage supplies here to last two months and get this 41 days of medicine to flush the cath. HALLELUJA!! Isn’t God good ! About four days later more supplies came and 9 more days of medicine came. People ask, what are you going to do, well I’m going to have faith and trust in the Lord.

    Since then I now have treatments at home and it’s going good, we will blood test in two weeks, and I just know my copper counts are going to be up more than they were!! I’m having a lot of pain, the neuropathy has now got into my arms, specially the one with the cath. In it. The other day I was really hurting and was struggling when God gave me this scripture “James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, To the Twelve Tribes scattered among the nations: Consider it pure joy, my brothers whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its works so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James1:1-3. No ,the words from the Lord didn’t take the pain away but God’s word carried me one more day.I love that song, One day at a Time!! As the Lord also says, “ Haven’t I commanded you, Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9.

    God Bless You,
    Tammy Bowman


    WOW Tammy! 03/06/07 03:18 AM

    What a testimony! Yes, God is so good. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you, your family and all of your needs. Thank you for sharing God's goodness with us. It really helped me in my trials also.

    God Bless,
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    I read your long post the other day and didn't really have time to respond at the time. What a wonderful testimony.
    I pray that your copper levels increase and that you can get back to good health very soon.

    Thanks for letting us know your story.