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    On a lighter note... Crafters what are you making 4 the HOLIDAYS? 11/12/06 11:04 AM

    HI friends... I love doing crafts, but cannot find time like I used too. I have the urge to make something.

    I like to give some handmade gifts to friends & family during the holidays. Wondering what creative ideas you all have come up with.

    I am making some ornaments right now.. They are clear (round) and I put a picture of the kids in it and filled the rest with potpourri (sp) and tied a gold ribbon around it. I will give this to the grandparents.

    I am also decorating wooden ornaments. Last year I gave to host/hostess, at parties... those pretzel rods dipped in white and dark chocolate with shaved almonds on them.

    Any ideas on other creative gifts for the holidays?



    Tis the season 11/12/06 11:35 AM

    I've always got my hands in too many pots. I am recovering a chair...and making ornaments.

    I saw this BEEEautiful tree at target. A white tree with balck and white ornaments. The ornaments cost an arm and a leg each, and since mine aren't in great shape I didn't think they would be accepted as payment. So, I went to Dollar Tree and picked up some ornaments in similar shapes and am going to spray paint them place then adhere some wonderful white ribbons and lace I found and coat them with acrylic. Also I saw some snow flake shaped ones at walmart; PIPE CLEANERS FOR $5.00...ya' right so I am makeing those as well as some black and white beaded ones. WEEEE!

    Your chocolate pretzels sound GREAT!



    ornaments 11/12/06 11:42 AM

    Hi Joann - That sounds pretty. I am going othave to check out that tree - sounds really neat! I am just now painting some snow flake ornaments as I read your
    post :). They are only wood, but were only $.50 each and they are actually turning out pretty good. I bought a strip of beeding as well. I will see what I can do with them.

    I am having surgery in December so I want to make sure I don't cut my holiday crafting time short or I will be one sad puppy. I love Christmas - favorite holiday.

    Thank you for the tips and sharing what you are working on. I could do this stuff all day if I had the time. Let me know how yours turns out.



    Crafting 11/12/06 12:50 PM

    I'm making knitted shawls right now. One I'm going to send to my Oma in Germany for Christmas. She's pretty old, and gets cold.



    white xmas tree 11/12/06 01:07 PM

    i love the idea of a white tree!!!! i am trying to talk my kids and dh into it...they say not...

    i love everything shabby chic...lots of white with pink accents...floral things...wouldn't a white tree with some pink ornaments looks beautiful against my wood cabinlike walls???please let my family know!!!


    Stockings 11/12/06 01:09 PM

    made to show the life of the people I'm giving them to. For example my sister loves hummingbirds, her 4 dogs and small ranch she lives on so hers has appliques (the iron on kind]
    of a hummingbird, dogs with beaded eyes, leashes and collars, and an embroidered ranch logo. I chose her favorite colors and will fill it with things I know she loves, chocolate covered pretzels, Earl Grey tea, handmade bathsoaps and other personal trinkets.

    The men in the family get stockings geared to their interests, favorite nascar driver, golf clubs, hunting and fishing motifs and they are filled with a subscrpitions to a magazine, home made venison jerky, dried seasonings, golf tees, fishing lures those kinds of things.

    Each year I decorate with a "theme" this year it is angels.
    I have been busy making angel ornaments, door wreaths and centerpieces.

    My close girlfriends will each get a personalized tote bag, their fur babies will get home made treats, dog bisquits and pet soap.

    My Red Hat group wil each get a small hand made purse with the Red Hatters logo on them.

    I have been busy and will stay busy until the 3rd of January. It isn't a chore but rather a joy to do these things.
    georgia grg1988


    Yay holiday crafts!! 11/12/06 01:34 PM

    Let's see here...

    I'm making 3-4 necklaces for gifts, a cd with memorable songs of my friend and myself, I still need to figure out what I'm making for each "family" in my family (possibly candles), and I'm painting a wooden nutcracker for my gramma.

    I like Christmastime :D

    Since you asked for creative gifts, there's something easy you can do. You can take pipecleaners and cut them in half, then get red, green, and white tri..well the beads that have the three edges, and string them on the pipecleaner to make candy canes. It doesn't take very long and they're cute. Just something simple people might like to hang on their trees. for other ideas I don't really have any, but I do love those pretzel rods dipped in chocolate. Try fortune cookies! Those were lots of fun last year.


    kimba4318 - crafty things 11/12/06 01:40 PM

    Wow this is a great thread to read for ideas! I mainly just make cards, but it's a slow process because my hands are so tense and sore. By the way on my website there are fibromyalgia awareness greeting card inserts if anyone is interested in putting something into their Christmas cards this year!

    I bought a Santa advent calendar with little pockets to put things in and have made lots of tiny cards to go in them and am going to give it to my boyfriend when I go home next week. He has been getting a bit down missing me recently so I thought it would cheer him up to have a mini card every day! Might not be able to make that many, I've got about 13 so far and my hands are not cooperating so maybe I'll fill the rest with sweets.

    Georgiac I'm sure your Oma will appreciate the shawl, it's FREEZING in Germany! I've stayed home all weekend with my radiator on the highest setting!

    Thanks for the cheerful thread Kim :)

    Best wishes


    Prickles 11/12/06 01:56 PM

    Oma is in Goerlitz, on the Polish border--about 70 miles east of Dresden.

    She called last week, and said they were having very high winds, and was quite cold.



    What a nice thread 11/12/06 02:12 PM

    Makes me look forward to the holidays even more. One good thing I get out of not working is more time to decorate and make things for Christmas!

    I'm making several gifts from my work in the studio this year. Several of the girls are getting little heart pendants and one is getting a beaded glass wind chime.

    I'm also making a few ornaments in fused glass.

    I bought a bunch of Christmas cookie cutters and will make and decorate Christmas cookies with/for our 3 yr old granddaughter.

    I'm going out next week to get glitter, glue, and construction paper so she and I can make some decorations. He he ....I'm trying to make a little craft artist out of her already :)

    Thanks for the thread. So much better than worrying about being sick.



    Shabby Chic + old window idea 11/12/06 02:50 PM too. If you're going to look at the tree, do it in person at Target...the we picture doesn't do it justice.

    How do you all feel about posting pics of our finished products? If so, do we put them on our profile page or can we post them here?

    Prickles-my hands kill me too. Swollen and tingley and achey. I am much slower and get more frustrated because I fumble and can't control little small items very well anymore, and I drop things (especially when I drop an almost finished beaded necklace, nothing like the sound of beads tinkeling all over the floor!)

    Some people know what they want to be when they grow up when they are 5 years old, some never figure it out. It took me 40 years to find mine. I found my passion (beading) just before all this started. I have always loved ALL crafts, and always have too many projects going. I think I actually get more pleasure now when I can complete a task that before this "illness".

    OK, Off the soap box. Here's another fun idea. Find an old window. Paint it. DO NOT SAND IT FIRST. You want it to look old. Then use the panes to fill in...I have done decorative stationary with sea shore items, pictures, baby memorabelia what ever behind each pane. I use hard board cut to the size of the window and then cover the hard board with something decorative, then arrange and hot glue the items to show behind each pane. After it dries screw the hard board to the window and attach wire to hang it. You can also find an old looking drawer pull to put at the bottom center...dresses it up a bit.

    I'm kind of sick when it comes to crafts. The ideas don't stop. Sometimes they don't translate so well from the brain to the finished project. Like last year I recovered a chair for the first time. We ended up calling it the cowgirl throne. I'll leave that to your imagination.



    holiday gifts 11/12/06 03:32 PM

    Wow friends - so many cool ideas! Extra motivating.. Lets all pretend... We have a cup of tea or coffee & are sitting by the fire with our beloved pet by our feet and "I'll be home for christmas" is palying on the radio.. hmmmmmm - I am going to "that place" in my mind right now. Ohhh - I smell pine and cinnamon. Okay - just wanted to give you all something cozy to think about... LOL

    georgiac... oh - send me one too please:). That is great you have that talent!

    Ilove pink - I Love chabby chic, but never know how to put it all together.
    DEAR "ILOVEPINK"'s FAMILY - She is right, would look great with her cabinwood walls and fit in perfectly with the decor.. oh PLEASE let her get on of those pretty trees... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!... There ya go, let me know if it worked (LOL)!

    georgia - so many good ideas.. wow aren't you creative?? Good for you - I like how you decorate & fill the stockings, very cool!

    nerdieduck - very cool. Wish I knew how to make neckaces and jewelry. I will get the kids started on the pipecleaners - very cute!

    prickles - wow, your boyfriend should be so happy about that - what a thoughtful and creative gift. Bet he wishes he could have you there all the time. Very Sweet :) I love your website by the way - very neet and I saw the cards and shirts (that girl is a sweetie) Thanks for creating that!

    Aquabugs - Yum cookies! I can smell them baking already. That is cool how you make things out of glass! Very cool! It's fun getting the kids involved isn't it? :)

    Thanks for the great ideas - keep 'em coming! Very talented group we have here - knew I could count on you all!

    Big Crafty Hugs :)
    P.S. was working on painting an ornament and I kid you not, I was going to write our familys last name and half way through, I spelled it WRONG!! How bad is that, talk about a Fibrofog moment - sheeeesh!


    Kim 11/12/06 03:58 PM

    I love this thread!

    My shawls come straight off the sheep--I wash them, card them, then spin them into yarn.

    This is my therapy! Don't know what I'd do w/o crafts--



    Another idea with an old window 11/12/06 04:01 PM

    I can't take credit for this one.Recently I was at a craft show with my daughter. A lady had an old window, 6 panes,she had painted a background of pine trees and a small snowman. Then she had painted a large snowman peeking in the window from outside, looking in.It was so cute. I paid 45.00 for it but saw several of them sold for 60.00.

    I don't do the Santa Claus thing but I adore snowmen.


    More great ideas.. 11/12/06 04:20 PM

    georgia - do you really??? That is amazing.. I have always wanted to see someone do that - Very cool!!

    Joann & atiledsner .. The windows sound so neat. (Joann sorry, meant to bring that up the first time). So, do you get them from flea markets or places like that?? My Aunt would be great at that & I know she would help me get started. Probably more on the expensive side, but beautiful.




    jmcdelaney - craft posting idea 11/12/06 05:32 PM

    Ohhh - Joann.. I also wanted to say that we SHOULD post some of our finished projects for sure! great idea, We can switch it up on our profile.

    Sounds need - will have to d out best stuff :)


    Christmas crafts 11/12/06 06:21 PM

    HI all, all the ideas on here sound great.

    I am making lap blankets for all my grandkids they are so easy. All I have to do is get material with there favorite sports, cartoon or what ever they are into.... there is so much great material out there now. I have been doing this since they were born...they just get larger as they grow. I also make them for friends. They make a great gift.

    I also am making mason jars filled with the fake herbs and all kind of things like,dried orange slices,fake berries and nuts and then I put a small strand of battery operated ligts in the jar and finish off with a ribbom and some raffia...they look great and smell good to.

    Happy crafting! It is one thing I can still do.



    I love crafting! 11/12/06 07:20 PM

    Being so house bound I finally have time to do all the crafting I always wanted to do.

    I love reading what you are all up to when it comes to crafting.. thank you for sharing!

    For my grandsons I made rag quilts to give to them for Christmas. I collected old jeans from their aunts, uncles and grandpa's and used plaid flannel for the other side. On some of the denim squares I appliqued fabric with their favorite things. One has cars, one has John Deere and the other has trucks.

    Cinnamin (oh I am so past spelling tonight!) ornaments are always fun and easy to make and smell good for years and years. I love making them.

    Quilted ornaments are also fun and easy and can be personalized. I also love making crocheted decorations that hold candy canes for hanging. Very quick and easy to make.

    In regards to chocolate bark I make peanut butter on graham cracker 'sandwhiches' and dip them in the bark. Everyone loves them. Before dipping the crackers can be broken to many different sizes according to the cookie plates a person is making. I often make the crackers the size of the Wheat Thins.


    I've just gotten through making ton's of stuff for the church bou 11/12/06 07:46 PM

    and now I have to start working on things for my family.I posted apicture of a purse that I made for the boutique.Linda


    not me....but two grand daughters 11/12/06 09:15 PM

    The girls enjoy the classic books I have gotten them and use the book markers for their favorite spots in the books. The book markers can be

    I am going to buy a couple prs. of those cute scissors that cuts fancy edges and a couple of inexpensive hole punchers. Hopefully this week I will get this. Along with some contruction paper and glue sticks. I have lots of ribbon.

    I will give this to them. Along with MANY cards I have never thrown out, Christmas, and all the rest. Glue and contruction paper is to put on the back and cover where someone wrote me a note. When they cut it out then, all will be useable.

    They can cut straight narrower ones and put a hole in the top and string ribbon through the hole for book markers and for Christmas or other gift tags, they can cut out what ever they want from a card and also add ribbon so tag can be put on aa package.

    Not just pictures, but words are also nice to use from a card. I am going to give them some little bags or envelopes to put their tags or book markers in. Then they can give them as gifts to a teacher, friends mother, etc.

    I think this will give them hrs. of fun. Susan


    CRAFTS 11/12/06 11:02 PM



    CRAFTING BREAD 11/12/06 11:19 PM

    This is so simple and pretty neat, it has to be simple if i do it, take a loaf of bread, or half, and i use brown bread, tear it up into pieces and then add elmers glue and i also put in cinnamon, pat it out like a biscuit or loaf of bread and sit it in a window to dry out, i usually pit mine in a lid of some sort to pat it in, leave it a couple of days and turn it out, then i get a kind of small basket and dollie and put the bread look in the basket, it will last for years and years, and smells go to. i have seen that fake bread at craft shows and ask the lady and she told me how she did it, wasn't that nice, anyone can do this and these baskets of bread are rather expensive in craft stores. Try it you'll like it lol Rebeck


    What This Crafter Is Making 11/12/06 11:26 PM

    I had had plans to make my sisters and SIL's a shrug for Christmas. I started one shortly after Christmas of last year. I had to stop working due the pain in my arms and shoulders.
    Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without making a craft for all my sisters and SIL's and it is so much fun to receive something from them all!
    This year I will make something edible whether it is a special coffee mix or home made candy. I think i will be able to get one of the shrugs done. In the past I've made felted purses and knit afghans too.


    Oh - soooo cool... Great ideas! 11/13/06 07:00 AM

    I want to make those mason jar things!!! I have a question... Where do you buy the battery operated lights? You reminded me of a gift we rcvd. last year that I LOVED! It was a glass block that had pine or other holiday stuff in it and a string of Christmas lights. It looks so neat lit up! The only problems was that you had to have it near an outlet, so these jars would be perfect to give out! Can you tell me the approx. cost of making these & where to get the battery operated lights? Thanks a bunch!

    I wish I knew how to quilt! I will learn someday I hope! My friend makes that bark adn I lOVE it! It really is easy but looks like you really put alot of work to it. I might put that with my gifts this year!

    How pretty! YOu are talented too. Thank you for posting the finished product for us to enjoy. Very Neat!!

    Love your idea of recycling items we already have. I save alot of things and always wonder if I can figure out what to do with them someday. Good thoughts too!

    That sounds so cute - I would love to see a picture of those too. My husband is great with wood, but never makes me any cool stuff like that (too busy with the house I guess). That sounds neat - let me know if you are able to post a picture of those. Thanks! The idea about the bread is very neat - I can see the kids and I really getting into that! They would have a ball doing that. So many great ideas!

    Sorry about your shoulders/arms.. I hope you do feel good enough to finish it. The coffee or hot chocolate mixes are always nice to get too! My friend did that and they were in a decorative/clear bag with a pretty ribbon around them. You could even put that inside of a holiday mug (think you can even find nice mugs at the dollar store.

    You all have given me even more great ideas! Thanks so much!



    Crafters what are you making 4 the HOLIDAYS? 11/13/06 07:43 AM

    I have an embroidery machine so I'm making the grandkids velvet stocking with their names on.

    I'm also going to make each one a free standing lace angel ornament.

    I got one of those 4 foot fake old world type trees from AC Moore last year & put FSL Angels on it. I never took it down. It sits just inside my front door.

    I'd like to do more, but I've been dealing with herniated discs in my back & neck both since August. Possibly surgery soon, so it has me very limited right now.


    I am knitting throws 11/13/06 08:35 AM

    These are really pretty, I use 6 skeins of yarn, 2 strands, use a #35 needle, and cast on 52. I just knit, cuz I don't know how to do many other stitches. Do this at night after work, helps keep me from the munchies too. :)

    Last year I was in a craft show, painted Christmas resin figurines..snowmen, Santas etc. I didn't get enough finished to do the show this year, but will next.I also make jewelry and had these in the show too.

    I also have gotten small beads, and larger white initial letters, of someone's last first or name, use glue, and cover the entire letter in beads. I did this for my daughter and her college roommate, and all the other girl's wanted one too. Can be time consuming, but I just sit at the kitchen table and watch TV.

    I get all my supplies at craft stores.

    Wish I had more time, cuz I love to do crafts!



    I've been sewing recently for Christmas presents... 11/13/06 10:32 AM

    I am making my DDIL and 2 grandsons flannel lounge pants with tie strings.
    I also am making some little sachets with some lavender we picked over in the Oregon Valley this past summer. It is dried now and ready to be put in some small sachets made of netting/ribbons.
    I also made 2 little thread catcher thingys for my sister and myself. They are the kind that fit on an edge of a table etc and you can drop your threads etc in them.
    I have made 2 quilts recently, one for a new baby Great Niece, and one for my nephew and his wife. Have to do the binding on that one.
    I need to get a couple T-Shirts to machine embroider on for my g.sons.
    I love this thread, hearing about all your crafts.
    Keep it going!
    Margie in Central Oregon


    Bump 11/14/06 05:15 AM

    would like to see more crafters pipe in!



    Christmas Crafts 11/14/06 08:29 AM

    Goodness...not sure where to start. I do them every year, but always different. I make at least one gift and make the kids all an ornament each year. Let's see......

    One of the cute things for the kids is to get the thin wooden letters to spell out their name. I paint them to match their room, glue them on a wide piece of ribbon hanging vertical. Put something to hang on the back and a bow on the top, or you can fill in with little flowers for girls etc.

    The new baby this year has a room that is camoflauge (sp?) So I am also making a mobile type thing to hang in his room with the same thin wood cut outs of moose, bears, fish, etc.

    The flannel blankets are so easy to make for someone who doesn't sew. Just tie them together and they are so warm!!! I have ironed on the letters to spell out names and such too.

    Take pine cones and paint some of the tips white like they have a little snow on them. Then glue a thin ribbon on the bottom of different lengths. Take about 7 and gather up to make a bunch to hang and various lengths and they are beautiful at the front door, on a wall wherever. PUT a big bow on the top to dress it up. You can also use them to put around your house plants and make them look festive, or in a basket with a few colored balls and they make a beautiful decoration.

    My daughter is making everyone a neat gift this year. Just a piece of plywood, like any size....mine is 24 X 24. Painted it with the word FAMILY and decorated a little and it just hangs in my office. It is awesome.

    I make crosses of all kinds. Mostly out of beads wrapped around the silver, gold or black wire. Also make them out of ropes, (My boys are cowboys and I use their old ropes) I also make baskets out of the ropes.

    Some great ideas on here...keep it up....


    Cool Crafts 11/14/06 08:37 AM

    Ohhhh friends... You all are amazing. SO many things I have NEVER thought of. Most of them I feel like I can tackle. Such great ideas.... WOW!

    I was always trying to think of things to do with those darn pine cones too! So Cool!

    Keep 'em coming...
    Hugs to my talented friends!


    i 11/14/06 10:42 PM

    also make those light things to give!
    and they always go over well.
    old large jars or light fixtures that you can close up the top
    once you fill in with christmas things
    , beads, shell, whatever,
    and enclose christmas lights-
    either white or different colors and then put fancy bow or something on top with light end coming out long enough to plug in a socket
    and voila!!

    it can be changed to whatever season holiday there is..

    also am painting large rocks with lighthouse and scripture verse or their last names,
    and also doing jewerly, and wreaths from left over christmas tree places they let you have or buy the branches that are cut off.
    wreaths are wonderful.
    and also with the lights up above-
    dont forget the poporri inside jar,
    the heat gives off the sent.
    love the ideas here
    and will be using many! thanks!!


    Crocheting 11/15/06 05:30 AM

    I've been crocheting like crazy. Finished two hats & matching scarves, almost done with another set, will do a special-request set for my son.

    I'm also working on a large, super-warm throw (between throw and afghan size.)

    Am contemplating making a shawl, too. We'll see :)!


    christmas.... 11/15/06 04:19 PM

    there is bound to be more....


    texasmia - 11/15/06 05:27 PM

    I'm with ya - sooo many talented ppl here. I am so impressed


    crafts 11/15/06 06:07 PM

    I'm a horticulture major so i decorate live wreaths with a variety of things.
    Victorian Wreath- German Statice, Glass Berry Balls and Pine Cones
    Mixed Green- Pine Cones,Juniper, White Pine, Pieris, and Holly(basically nice looking greens you would find in the woods of north east america)
    Glitzy- Glass Berry Balls, Pine Cones, Shinny Ribbons, and anything else shinny......

    And Nice Center Pieces are also easy to make with plants you can find in the woods....
    Take a piece of Oasis(the squishy foam you find in flower arrangements) and put it into a bowl, dish, pot,etc...that you want. Fill it in using boxwood, ands then put in randomly, pieris, white pine, berry balls, ect to deck it up.

    the other thing i do are died arangements. you can find twig hearts, swags, bird houses, angels, balls at craft stores and then hot glue dried flowers and plant material to it.

    tips...make sure you carry the plant material, other materials through the whole arrangement, meaning if u have a berry ball on one side, make sure you have a berry ball on the other side to visually balance it out.

    also, avoid straight lines- the stop the eye from moving
    make sure the bow's in proportion to the product and palnt material.
    make sure the plant material points outward

    lol that's all i can think of for now



    machine embroidery and also Rice bags 11/16/06 08:10 AM

    It's me again...

    I have had such shoulder and neck pain lately that I have decided to make one of those rice bags that you can heat in the microwave before putting on your neck.

    What nice Christmas gifts they would make! I hope I get to it today because I need one for myself ASAP.

    Also, I see some of you have embroidery machines. I have one and love it, though it could be a bit easier to use. I can do it fine but it takes a lot of prep time.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful tips you gals have.

    Debbie in Minnesota


    Wow, good post Kim! 11/16/06 08:38 AM

    I made a bunch of purses made from placemats for my daughter's wedding shower and they were a big hit! So I am making some more for Christmas gifts. They only take about 1/2 hour and cost about 4-5 dollars to make depending on the price of the placemat. I found some really cute ones on clearance at Bed, Bath and Beyond for 99cents.

    I also am knitting scarfs. I love the scarfs with eyelash yarn in them.

    Take care, Sally


    WOW you gals are amazing 11/16/06 08:51 AM

    I go into a Michaels craft store and wander through but don't know where to start. Does anyone have an easy starter craft to make? Craft dummy here but a crafter wanna be.


    Kimba on your wood snowflakes 11/16/06 09:06 AM

    use some cheap glitter nailpolish instead of glitter.It goes on much better and looksss professional.Linda


    I think wooden boxes or crosses 11/16/06 09:21 AM

    whatever takes your whimsy are an easy starter craft,...Just paint with the little bottles of acrylic paints(caution,brushes are cheap but get one that won't lose bristles in the paint}

    here's another actually two

    1.Get a wooden cross with no ridge2, paint it and3 put those big glass rocks that are for vases on the cross with tacky glue-about 10 minutes to make.

    Get a wooden cross with ridges ,paint white and using tacky glue put the3 sided things that are used for candy canes onthe cross.
    Do this put tacky glue on a 3 inch area or so and pour on the beads pushing them tight together.It looks beautiful-if anybody wants to try I'll put up the picture.Linda


    Lot's 11/16/06 12:51 PM

    of great ideas here! I like making candy , cookies , pot holders and Now Soap! Try to make up a gift basket for each person on the list! With special things that they like!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Mostly homemade gifts since i'm poor! Lol Lol,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh also i make this Hot Sweet mustard for my Dad and Brothers!,,,,,,,,,,Here's the recipie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 cup apple cider vinigar~~~~~1 cup Dry Mustard powder~~~~~2 eggs~~1 cup sugar~~~1 cup~~ Mirical whip~~~ Mix all ingreidents thourghly in the blender and pour in jars and refridgerate. You can also put labels and fabric under the lids to make it look more christmasy!

    Also you can make neat things with pinecones! paint tacky glue on the pinecone and roll lightly in glitter! attach a string and make it into a ornament,,,,,,,, Or roll them in peanutbutter and and then in bird seed, attach fishing line to them and hang them on the tree outside for the birds! or set them in your bird feeder!

    Neat post Kim and everyone!


    crafting 11/17/06 10:16 AM

    Fruit cakes,(not the nasty dried out ones) stained glass angels, broken china pendants, microscope slide pendants, crystal snowflake pendants, two crystal bracelets, a knitted felted purse, and a beaded kimono done in peyote stitch.


    Knitted Afghans... 11/17/06 10:20 AM

    I've completed 2 for my grandkids and working on a third for my *best friend/mom figure*... The 2 for my grandkids are smallish--- about 4x6 and the one I'm working on now is going to be 7x9... Time consuming but worth it.. ;)


    (edited for spelling...*sigh*)


    wow 11/17/06 12:39 PM

    so much to print out... hope I have enough Ink (LOL)
    Thank you all so much - I think lots of us have benefited from the creativity here.

    Hey - the nailpolish on the ornaments - another good one.
    I need about 50 of those rice bags to put on every part of my body!
    Wish I could embroider like some of you!
    Thanks a bunch!


    Crafters 11/17/06 12:44 PM

    It is such a joy to read all the crafting that is done by all you talented ladies.

    There is a place on line that I like to read, too. It is called "Garden Junk"



    Crafts...gotta love them 11/17/06 01:07 PM

    My sewing machine is still humming, Just finished a spiderman quilt, hmmm what to do next? Probably another disney princess or perhaps tinkerbell or carebears! too much fun! I bought tons of quilt panels, the eay way to make lots of quick quilts, haha!



    Georgia 11/17/06 01:33 PM

    I have to say, I think it's wonderful that you don't forget the "furry" ones.

    You guys make me so jealous. I barely have enough coordination to do anything. I use to crochet, and I still try, it's just not like it was.



    Enjoysue 11/17/06 01:47 PM

    Do you knit or crochet the shrug? Can you give directions if it is crochet... I forgot how to knit a long time ago. I wish I could find someone around here who could teach me how to knit.

    I've been just spending so much time at home because I'm so very broke.

    Let me know, o.k. I'm probably going to do a new post so that I make sure you see it.



    mnlady!!! 11/17/06 02:39 PM

    Are you up for sharing the chocolate bark recipie? I am a chocoholic with families that are the same. I would love to try it out.



    wow....... 11/17/06 02:48 PM

    SISLAND.......your pine cones sound neat and I could do that!
    And that hot mustard sounds like something my husband would like, but is it okay to eat something with raw eggs in it?


    fibrobutterfly 11/17/06 03:28 PM

    Thanks for your interest! Wev'e all been eating this mustard for along time with no problems! I wondered about that when i got the recipie from one of my Aunts,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,And i mix it very very thoughly in the blender and then keep it in the fridge after and it seems fine. with no problems reported! It really spices up sandwiches or Ham or whatever kind of Meat you want to put it on.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,It's alittle bit on the strong side so you don't need very much, at a time! Hope you have a great holiday!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sydney


    thanks 11/18/06 02:06 AM

    I often wondered as I have a recipe that calls for a egg white in a frosting recipe that isn't cooked.


    recipe for hob 11/18/06 08:08 PM

    For the chocolate treats I generally break a long graham cracker into four pieces (along the preforations). I put peanut butter on one piece and top it with another piece of graham cracker.

    Then I dip them into melted chocolate (or vanilla) almond bark. I generally scrape off the botton cracker a bit before placing the 'cookie' onto waxed paper to cool.

    I like to put some melted white bark into a zipper baggie with the corner barely cut off to squeeze designs onto the cookies. On some I put sprinkles or finely chopped nuts on them. You can make them as plain or fancy as you want.

    I do make 1/2 sized crackers for my husband who is a hearty eater and I like to make some 1/8 sized (about one inch square) for the cookie plates I share.

    Have fun!

    Debbie in MN


    Not much this year 11/18/06 08:53 PM

    This year I am hand painting my christmas cards.

    I did this last year and everyone really seemed to enjoy them.

    In yrs past I have made dozens of little straw hats filled
    with potpouri.

    One year I made stacks of covered boxes with decorative ropes and etc.

    Last year I made greenery wreaths for year round use on front porches or entryways. They were oval shaped and had a half basket on the lower half of the wreath.

    I made these after I found one in a decorating shop for $100.
    I checked and found I could make my own for a fraction of the cost. They were well recieved.

    Last year I hand painted christmas cards and included a poem my mom wrote years ago.

    One year I took pictures of my christmad tree and went down to office depot and had them put the picture onto card copy..

    This year I am sorta pooped out and don't have the energy to do a lot. I am still planning on doing the christmas cards. They don't take long as I maked them fairly simple. but every body loved them.

    I am painting a 3' x 4" picture of a woodland scene for my son.

    Thats it. Anymore energy will go into getting my house cleaned and dinner cooked.


    This Crafter is so busy Quilting! 11/14/06 10:26 PM

    I am busy sewing quilts! I love quilting! I have just made an Elvis quilt for my grandma, it is pretty, ha,it is mostly a panel on the front of Elvis and his movie "Blue Hawaii", it has nice blue flowers on it. I added a pretty border and on the back I used another fabric that has Elvis on it, this one, is Jail house rock, with Elvis in all different poses. So neat! I made my new grandbaby a Disney princess quilt. It turned out just adorable! I have tons left to do! I am going to keep that sewing machine running like crazy! I am trying to make most of my family at least a lap size quilt. That is going to take some sewing! I am cheating though, I am using mostly panels, but still they get a homemade gift. It is a lot of work, but I am having fun!
    Sounds like there is lots of good ideas going on!

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