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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by carebelle, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. carebelle

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    Has this happen to anyone? 11/20/06 03:47 AM

    I have taken epson salts and peroxide baths before several times and nothing has ever happen like this before before.

    Last night I took one because I have had to be away from my home for our open house sat and Sunday and I was really hurting after coming home. I didnt do anything different.

    I had terrible nightmares all night .I woke up scared to death. They were very very scary dreams.

    Has anyone had this happen? I feel like maybe someone came into my home that was very evil and I'm senceing something bad.I even woke up with someones name in my head.

    I realize these were only dreams but Dag they were so real feeling and very very scart.


    Know how you fell 11/20/06 04:38 AM

    Alot of people don't understand but I beleive your theory is very real. when my girls bring someone home we can sence a diffrent stomosphere in or home even after they leave.

    i became a christian when I was 24 went to a nazerene church and noticed some real errey dreams and uncomfortable feelings. so yes I have had them happen to me also.

    i see you are christian also so you need to pray all through your house to get rid of the spirit left in your home. and fill it back up with godly spirits.

    CAREBELLE 11/20/06 04:53 AM


    CAREBELLE 11/20/06 05:24 AM




    thank you Ill pray threwout 11/20/06 07:12 AM

    I was raised in the Nazarene church also. Went to MVNC in ohio or I should say MVNU

  2. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    After a Open House. Things seem back to normal today so I guess it Left. LOL

    I dont get the Crisco commit what does that mean?

    Have a good day everyone
  3. KateMac329

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    Hi hon,
    I really hesitate to tell you because I don't want to scare you and you know your instincts as well as we all do. I am like you, I "sense" things, not all things but sometimes I can have this little whisper that tells me things aren't right.

    Anyway, what I hesitate to tell you is really about a fiction book but it actually got my mind thinking. The book itself was so vile I actually burned it!!!! No kidding! And I respect books but I was so appalled by this author and the stuff he had in it that I was sick!

    Anyway, I want to again remind you that the book IS fiction, but we are going to be putting our house on the market within the next year so in a way I AM glad that I read it.

    The book is about a guy who poses as a real estate agent or a buyer and goes to open houses and while there are a lot of other people there he hides in the home. He later catches the homeowner(s) off guard and kidnaps them.

    It completely freaked me out! When we have our house up for sale I will be doing a full house search upon arriving home each time! I am like you, I can "feel" when things aren't right.

    I am usually pretty good at picking out people who are creepy too. I just get a vibe! And like someone said earlier if someone comes over and they aren't a "good" person, I can "feel" that too.

    It is a gift and although it can seem like a burden we need to listen to our whispers!



    P.S. I REALLY hope I didn't freak you out or make you mad by telling you about that book!
  4. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    But my Realtor reminded me to make every person use their key in my lock box or Don't let them in .He said its for my safety .I had let two men in because they had come up to the house at the same time as another Realtor and my door was already open.One of the men came by last week with a different Realtor so I had seen him before .I didnt even think of it as dangerous until MY realator told me this morning not to let anyone in unless they use the key box.

    No thanks on that book I do not read scary

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