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  1. Cromwell

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    OT. What is Your Favorite Hymn? 09/08/06 02:28 PM

    Danny just came in and sang "Lift Every Voice and Sing" in perfect pitch after losing his voice when it broke, for the past year.

    I wondered what other people's favorite hymns are:

    My Three Faves are:

    Dear Lord and Father of Mankind (British tune version)

    The Lord's My Shepherd (sung to Crimond tune)

    In The Bleak Mid Winter

    as these are all British hymns more that USA ones

    my favorite USA ones are:

    It Is Well with my soul

    Oh Brother Man Take to thy heart thy brother

    Amazing Grace

    Love Anne Cromwell


    anne 09/08/06 02:35 PM

    My favorite is a song by ray boltz, called, The Anchor Holds, I just love that song. Second choice is Learning to Lean on Jesus.
  2. Asatrump

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    Picking just one hymn is hard. I am the retired choir director /organist.

    If I could only play one last hymn, it would be

    For the past several days I have been playing "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" for Patti and her son. I would love to sit at the organ again, the king of instruments, and have that powerful feeling of filling a church with sound. It has been three years now, I wonder if I could still coordinate playing with both hands and both feet? It is kind of like a bicycle though. Brass instruments are different, when you don't play you lose your "chops". Piano and organ are easier to pick back up.

    Here at home I have just a piano. As I have been playing the hymn that was requested, I have just been flipping through. I get a very sacred feeling, and close to God when I do this. I do not sing out loud, just in my mind. I rarely can get to the third verse of any hymn, as I cry playing each one. I have memories associated with so many hymns... Things I have played at weddings, as requests and sadly at funerals. They seem to trigger my soul.

    Thank you for asking the question. I will enjoy seeing replies.

  3. bandwoman

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    I am a musician and I agree that it is hard to pick one. However, there is something about Holy, Holy, Holy that moves me everytime I sing it. That would be my pick.

  4. kgangel

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    Oh Ann

    I love Amazing Grace too, especially when I hear the bag pipes play it. That was my dads favorite too. Hearing it always makes me think of him with a smile and joy in my heart.

    I love when our Youth sing Shine Jesus Shine!! They sound so happy when they sing it, it has such a joy to it.

    I love the song Friends by Micheal W. Smith, I don't think you can get a more meaningful song then that and it just sounds so beautiful.

    On Easter Morning, I love when we sing Christ the Lord is Risen today!!! What a blessed event and amazing song.

    Thanks so much for sharing

    God Bless



  5. Cromwell

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    I am singing them all day as I pray for Geoff.

    Thanks keep the ideas flowing.

    Oh Brother man, take to thy heart thy brother
    Where pity dwells the love of GOd is there
    To worship rightly
    Is to love each other
    Each smile a hymn each kindly deed a prayer

    Love Anne
  6. 143alan

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    My favorites are:
    It Is Well With My Soul
    Holy, Holy, Holy
    How Great Thou Art

  7. SPR30

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    I got a CD from Walmart, it was in the display of mood CDs that you can listen to before you is the Celtic Hymns, only music, no words and I think you all would like it.
    My favorite hymn is Holy,Holy,Holy.....why I do not know, just is...........
  8. caffey

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    Too many to mention. But one of my favorites is It is Well with my soul.
  9. Asatrump

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    I bought the same CD, it is lovely.
  10. sixtyslady

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    I have so many but The one that makes me cry is, He touched Me:
    and then another is the old rugged cross: that makes me cry too.that was my daddys favorite.