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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by hagardreams, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. hagardreams

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    hagardreams Please pray for someone for me. 11/03/06 08:55 PM

    A friend of my sons mom, had a liver transplant done today, here in Oklahoma city. Her name is Carrie Ballard. Please pray that she will have a complete recovery. Her family needs her. Her son, is also a diabetic like myself. He was diagnosed at the age of 9, he is now 25. This is taking its toll on his blood sugar, so say a prayer for him also.

    Thank you all for your prayers.
    God bless, Julie

    God is good, and he can make her whole again!

    Geegafer Prayer is powerful 11/03/06 09:10 PM

    I can pray for both of them. I'll also pray together with my family.


    hagardreams prayer 11/03/06 09:19 PM

    Thanks so much Gigi!

    trishhicks prayers 11/03/06 09:27 PM

    i am constantly praying the our father all day long to get me through some rough days they will be in my thought as i pray this prayer.

    Bambi My prayer will be going up also. I hope 11/03/06 09:32 PM

    it all goes well for the family and that everyone is soon back to feeling just as well as they are able to!

    hagardreams prayer 11/03/06 10:01 PM

    Thanks so much to all of you for your prayers!

    browneyelady48 Prayers 11/03/06 10:24 PM

    Prayers can do miracles, the family is in my prayers.
    Love Brenda

    hagardreams prayers 11/04/06 08:47 PM

    So far so good. I cant thank you enough for all your prayers for the Ballard family.

    69mach1 isn't the worship board up still? 11/04/06 10:29 PM

    maybe you could get more prayers over there. but i am willing to pray for the family. just tell the son to please watch his diet and go for a walk. no maragine. no trans fats.

    i don't want him to start having heart problems at his early age.

    great big hugs to everyone of you.


    prickles hagardreams 11/05/06 04:28 AM

    Praying for a speedy recovery

    Best wishes

    nyrofan Julie 11/05/06 04:45 AM


    Prayers, for sure. May all get better.


    kbak Prayer 11/05/06 06:57 AM

    is good medicine! Praying........


    tejanya it is already done, standing in agreement 11/05/06 08:53 AM

    when 2 or more agree together then what they ask in Jesus name will be done. so far, you have 11 on this board alone. there are several that stand in agreement with you and her family.

    hagardreams thanks 11/05/06 07:07 PM

    I cant thank all of you enough for the prayers. I know that prayers make a difference, and that God can make this better than any one of us can even imagine.

    God bless all of you, Julie

    redhowdy222 julie 11/05/06 07:16 PM

    Yes, I will pray for your friends. Prayer is the only thing that gets us through sometimes. Know that many are standing in agreement with you for this family. God is awesome, and is always there for us.
    Isaiah 53:5

    desertsage you've got my 11/05/06 08:45 PM

    prayers going out to Carrie today and tonight! Desertsage
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    I ask in Your Holy Name, that you bless this family.

    Give them the gift of health. Give this sister Your healing, loving and strong spirit, so that she can heal, knowing it was because of You.

    And be with the son, showing him that You are there right beside him through all of this.

    Guide the Docters and nurses, friends and other family members and all who come in contract with this sister. Let them be filled with Your wisdom and love. In all faith and Your Holy Name. Amen