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  1. Sharon

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    04/13/08 12:42 PM

    A physician of mine ordered a test for Lyme disease late last year. It was performed by LabCorp and it came back negative, but from what I've been hearing from multiple sources, there is a very high occurence of false negatives due to insufficient, ineffective, or incompetent testing.

    I remember that someone once recommended a good source of Lyme testing on this board, but that was a while ago and I didn't write it down.

    Can anyone recommend the best source for a test that will detect Lyme past the early stage? My symptoms are those which are commmon to Lyme, CFS, MS, or Fibromyalgia and I'm trying to pinpoint which one I have so that I can treat it properly and kick it's butt, whatever it is.

    I'd be grateful for a reliable Lyme testing source. THX.

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    IGenex - 04/13/08 02:04 PM

    you can go to their site and print the forms, have your doctor sign them, and take them to any lab (lab corp, Quest), pay them a small fee for the blood draw if your doc won't do the draw...

    By the way, prohealth does have a lyme board here, lots of info there as to where to read up on everything about lyme and common co-infections (rarely occurs alone)

    Also btw, IGenex is considered better because they handle the tests a bit more carefully/different, & are fully certified by the gov't.

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    if possible... 04/13/08 07:24 PM

    get tested at more than one lab....Igenex and also Stonybrook.

    Having more lab results is better than having less.


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