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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Sharon, May 3, 2008.

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    "The Business of Being Born" great documentary about childbirth 05/03/08 02:16 PM

    I'm not sure if this will interest anyone, but I just happened to watch this documentary produced by Ricki Lake called "The Business of Being Born" and it is REALLY good. It shows how the United States approaches childbirth entirely different (as a sort of "sickness" that needs all sort of drugs, pitocin, induction, ect instead of a natural process) than Europe-who has fewer complications, less C-sections, infections, infant mortality, ect. All about how childbirth is indeed a "business" the U.S....and possibly a reason why (in many circumstances) so many unnecessary steps are taken to progress labor at a faster rate than it would happen naturally.

    Just thought I'd pass the word, I found it to be quite interesting.

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    Joy 05/03/08 02:27 PM

    I saw that too!! It was amazing and totally changed my perspective on childbirth. I don't have kids but if I ever get to that juncture in my life, I'm definately going with a mid-wife and doing it naturally in my own home.

    I'm telling all of my friends to consider this as well. The US's cesarian rate is ridiculously high and many are unnecessary.

    Thanks for the post!



    documentary 05/03/08 02:27 PM

    I remember seeing Ricki Lake on some show talking about when she made the documentary. Sounded interesting. Those kinds of shows always interest me. Where did you see it?



    janalynn 05/03/08 02:51 PM

    I got it from Netflix. I am sure you could also rent it at Blockbuster or any big chain video store. May also air on HBO.

    I don't have kids either but I found it really interesting. I think so many women are terrified of childbirth and have horrible experiences giving birth in hospitals where basically all your choices are taken away from you.

    It seems that many women who really want to do natural childbirth or not have an epidural eventually do get one because the Pitocin they are given makes the contractions so painful that they literally can't stand the pain.



    Childbirth 05/03/08 02:56 PM

    Thanks - I am going to have to go rent that!
    Childbirth for me was incredible. I did it naturally (although in the hospital) but no epidural and had an 11.5 lb beautiful baby boy! My next son, was induced two weeks early because he too was getting big, no epidural with him either, but I did beg (boy did I beg)- he was 9 lbs. 13 oz. Giving birth is a wonderful wonderful experience - at least for me it was!

    Do they show babies being born on this video? I'll definitely cry. =)



    janalynn 05/03/08 03:13 PM

    Yes, they do show babies being born-as someone who has never had a child, it was incredible to watch. It showed women homebirthing and the mom's pulling the baby literally out of themselves and into their arms!

    It made me happy to see what an incredible even childbirth can be.

    P.S. They showed how they used to give women "twilight sleep" during childbirth a long time ago and how they would have to put some of them in straight jackets and tie them to the bed because the drug made them crazy and they would try and attack people! It was crazy!
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    Re Childbrith 05/03/08 03:22 PM

    I think the most important aspect is that women have choices--midwife at home or a hospital setting. I gave birth both times in a hospital setting and it was wonderful--compassionate nurses and unbeatable staff. I was so nervous the first time, but I gave birth to my twins naturally, with no drugs at all on the 4th of July with a roomful of interns watching!! There was so much cheering and laughing, it thrilled us to have them come into the world on such a happy note!! The twins were born at a healthy 7lbs 5oz, and 6 lbs 3oz and there was never any question that my wishes for a natural birth would come first, barring any complications of course.

    When I gave birth the second time, again I opted for a natural birth. I was given pitocin to speed up the contractions bur rejected the epidural. It wasn't until twelve hours later that I gave birth to my daughter at 9 lbs 13oz and my doctor never left my side the whole time--I even sent her out at one point to get herself some coffee!! I was fortunate to have a compassionate and patient doctor who put the mother's wishes first.


  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    speaking as a mom of a child with autism, it always amazes me that the finger is NEVER pointed to all the meds and scans they do that could be making some impact.

    Interestingly, in 1950 they introduced meds for labor and the rate of schizophrenia began rising after that time. If one researches clusters of mental illness, one can see that often the kids were born at the same facility, ditto for autism BTW, this is why we see clusters I think.

    The BMA demonised midwifery and home births but hopefully the movement to natural at home births will return. It was so much better unless one had complications and even then it was not the huge deal they make it out to be.

    Read "Midwives" by Chris Bojalian it is a great novel based on a true story about a trial against a midwife in Seattle.

    Love Annie
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