Moved to Rochester, NY& need new Dr.

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    I have recently moved from Westchester Co. NY to Rochester. I was being treated for Fibromyalgia by some great Dr.'s after 5 years of searching and being told I was crazy. I was wondering if anyone out there is from around this area and knows of any Dr's up here that beleive in Fibro. My Dr's in Westchester had no recommendations. I have also searched some of the Fibro web sites and not found anyone. I sit here in pain again as bad as I was a year ago since I no longer have any medication. I don't think I can face going through the search and skeptical looks again. If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

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    Are you in Rochester, NY? If so I hear that there are alot of people in Rochester with Fibro. I dont personally know any of them but I would think you wouldnt have too much trouble finding a Dr around here. Im about 20 minutes outside of Rochester and my Drs are close by my home.

    Call the local hospitals and ask for their physicians referral number. That should give you a start on making some phone calls.

    Also there are a couple of pain clinics. I believe they are at Strong Hospital and Rochester General Hospital. You could call them and ask if they could give you some names of Drs who treat Fibro.

    Good luck and welcome to the area! If you are not still in NY good luck and sorry I cant help.

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    To include the location, you may get more responses. Also, click on Doctor Referral in the purple strip above to see if there are any recommended docs in your area. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Aurora,
    I got some Dr names from the Fibromyalgia Association of Rochester. the # is in the book.

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