Movie on Showtime about MCS...Mentions CFS also

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  1. dd

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    Hi All,

    Last night I couldn't sleep and was flipping thru channels and low and behold there was a movie on Showtime about a person dealing/living with Multiple Chemical Sensitivies. The name of the movie was "SAFE". It featured Julianne Moore as the main character. The movie was made in it may be available at your local video rentals or the library.

    It was a very good movie and dealt with the diagnosis phase and all the emotional ups and downs. It mentioned CFS and a lot of other auto-immune illnesses. Check out your local listings for Showtime...they may be showing it again today.

    I hope some of the "normals" saw it. They might get a clue as to what we go thru on a daily basis.


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  2. Jen F

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    and I too wish that more normals will watch it.

    I taped it a year or so ago.
  3. garyandkim

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    Gary found on the net, a couple weeks later we were looking to see if the place was real. We found a site that gives info on movies, that the man who did the movie did it as a not real life but kind of poking fun at the way these people are supose to accept their responcibility for their having Aids, MCS, CFS. In the write up they said he purposly didn't give the woman much of a real life personality. He was showing how these non treatmentsare what society and the place wants. To take respnsiblity for their illneses and how even as she accepted this she was getting worse. But, so wanted to belive that there was something out there to help. The doc blew her off and this was all she had to hope would work.

    We didn't think the movie was that bad and didn't give much info but, at least recognition.

    We were angry when we read this info. Why didn't he do a real movie w/o out the I can't think of the right word but, if normals were to see the end that we are responsible for our illnesses and seeing the doc thinks she's nut's really ticked us off big time. But this was his purpose to poke at it.

    We watched the movie again after reading his reason for doing the movie and why characture endearment wasn't wanted or given to the character but, I must say she did the best job with what she was given to work with but, as I was saying it now makes us very angry. We hope all here see the movie but, with the message to a normal person watching it, I stupidly had my Mum watch she said see. It's the way you think and if you just pushed on and ignoired it all you'd be fine. Well, that set us back a few years and we had made such progrees with her acceptance and now even with all she's read she listened to the movies BS. That all you need is for you to just let it go. I tried to get her to read the info on the movie and even tried to read it to her that it's a I don't know what word is right.

    Sorry to vent, but after that experiance I was back trying to get her to understand what we have is real. Well that's our experiance with a normal looking at it.

    I wish I never gave her the tape we made.

    I'd love to know, if anyone wants to look it up, to see what you think about this info on SAFE and then rewatch the movie with his words in mind.

    Thanks for posting this because I though about posting this info on my thread when it all happened but, then I was so angry about it I desided to drop it. I can't believe how I am still so angry I usually deal with things and then go on. Kim
  4. dd

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    I had no idea that the maker of the movie was poking fun at the illness...and I watched the movie 2 times. I will have to check this out...very interesting.

    I did feel that it was a "dark" movie and certainly not Julianne Moore's best performance. I felt she lacked emotion but just chalked it up to her not really understanding the illness in real-life or something. Oh well, at least it gets the names of some of the illnesses that we have out there in the world....


  5. Jen F

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    They do have places for ppl with MCS in New Mexico, i believe.

    I have a freind with terrible MCS and so I pay attn to info I see on it. I only have it mildly and can't tolerate ppl who wear perfume, and household chemicals etc. My friend needs to live in one of those enclosures.

    Well, that guy's intention didn't work on me, I thought the movie showed a half decent representation on what happens to people who have severe MCS and what is involved.

    But, next time I watch it i will keep what you have notified us of in mind.