Movie: "The Bucket List",,and "RV"

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    Has anyone seen this? it's a Great Movie staring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson,,,,,,2 guys dying of cancer who take off to see the world before they die,,,,,,It's Really Good!!,,,,,4 stars,,,,

    Also the "RV" staring Robin Williams,,,,a really great LOLOL,,,,,Movie,,,3-4-stars!,,,,,,Hope you enjoy them if you get to see them!,,,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    We laughed our backsides off, watching it.
    DH and I are , I mean were, Big Campers.
    SOme of the places we got stuck in, we can laugh at now,
    and a lot of the scene's with RW's, brought back some of thoes Wacky times.

    We just sold his Pt's RV, I wanted it so bad, but the sale money belongs to the estate.
    One good thing, it was a Young Couple that bought it, and we hope they have as much Fun and Adventure as we have had.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the Bucket List.
    I kind of feel that way, go out and do things Daring, and all that.
    Trouble is, no energy, lol,

    Jack just Cracks me up.
    Have you seen his movie, "As Good As It Gets"?
    Dh said he thought of me , the first time he saw it, he still has that darn bruise on his arm, lol

    Have you seen "Hairspray", love that one, JohnT is so good, in the part, of the Mother, and QueenL really helps to make the movie.
    I printed out the words to the songs, even tho I can't sing now, I still like to get the words right, lol

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    Also laughed myself silly watching RV!! it's a real feel good Movie!,,,,,,,i have a little older Motor home that used to be my Dad's,,,He's in a Nursing home now and can't use it,,,,,so i inherited it!,,,,,,Yea!

    It's not Road Ready,,,,but it's there when i get the camping bug!,,,,,,,,,Sharon,,, sounds like you and your DH had alot of fun with the RV!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry you had to sell it! I think it would be really fun to do the RV thing for a summer!

    I've seen "As Good As It Gets" Too it's a great Movie!,,,Diane Keaton and Jack N. Both did a Great job of acting in that show!

    Diane~~ Netflix has "Bucket list" Now! it just came out on dvd just type it in the search box at Netflix,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Hope you both enjoyed the movies!,,,,,,,,Sis,,,,,,,,,,P.S. Have only seen "Hairspray" previews,,,,,Loved "2nd Hand lions" seen that one 2-3 times!,,,,,,Watching Movies is a really fun passtime for us! also you can watch them on your Computer from Netflix..............they have all the latest Releases too!
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