Moving after 38yrs in same house pain in heel

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PTRC, Aug 27, 2005.

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    Hi Guys it has been a while since I post. We decided it was time to move to a one floor house and have been trying to move after 38yrs. Yes I think you can guess the stress has taken a lot out of me and flair me up bad. The worst is the heel pain I am going on three months and the doctor said do exercise for it. I am having no luck I am not even able to walk to the bathroom in the morning it feels like I am walking on golf balls in my right heel. Does any one know what doctor I see for this and if you know one in Cincinnati I would appreciate. I have some people say just wait it out and it will go away but it hurts so bad. I want to be excited about our new move but I hurt so bad and find myself crying a lot with the pain. I am just having one of those bad days and need to vent thanks for always being there for me. Our new place has alot of things that should help me like handles in tub plus a seat in shower and laundry on the same floor. I hope this will help.

    Have a Good Day and Thanks,
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    I would go to a foot Dr. I just went to one because all the other drs. just didn't seem interested in my feet. I'm glad I did. I have a bone spur under the heel on both feet and achilles heel. I have to do stretching exercises.

    But I would think a foot Dr. would be the best one to help with any foot pain

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    How wonderful to be moving to a one story house! It must be a daunting task to look at 38 years of accumulation and think about what to do with it.

    For a sore heel, I'd check with a podiatrist. It might be plantar fasceitis (sp?), but a good podiatrist/foot doctor will be able to help. I've had that before (the last time I wore pretty shoes--about 10 years ago) and it hurts like nothing else.

    Hope you can get help with the heel and that you love your new home. Take care!

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    Thanks so much for your advice. I do know it is a heel spur because my Rhumie Dr. who I won't go back to took a x-ray and told me. He said do the exercise and live with it because a shot is to painful. Well it is three months later and I just can not walk. I will call a foot Dr. as soon as we get moved next week. Thanks and God Bless
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    Thank you so much. I do know it is a heel spur and it does hurt like crazy. I plan to seek a foot Dr. as soon as we get in our new place next week. It is a big job and I wish I knew this before we bought but I am sure we will love it. Thanks angain and God Bless
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    Could it also be tendonitis? I had this so bad for almost 3 years in highschool along with my heel spur. It hurt like HECK!! I could hardly put my foot down. I wore a brace on it which helped so much. Have it checked out soon. You shouldn't have to live in that kind of pain all the time.

    Trish :)