MOVING any tips??

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    We are moving in less than two months.

    We cancelled a contract we had on a new-build which was going to be beautiful but it was a two-story and quite expensive. When we started the purchase (almost a year ago) I hadn't been diagnosed yet. The stairs have always concerned me but I was trying to be optimistic.

    Well, hubby is sooo good. He decided the stress of the stairs along with the financial burden was going to be unhealthy for me. We are moving in closer to town to relieve stress and simplify life so he suggested we look for something smaller on one level.

    WE FOUND IT! It's soo beautiful and so calm. All on one level with a peacefull garden and pool.

    SO! This is a long way of saying we are moving in May and I'm overwhelmed. I NEVER do well in moves. I alway get depressed and sooo stressed!

    Any tips??? Anyone else move with fibro?

    thanks guys,

  2. Cromwell

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    No wonder I had a flare.

    Are you moving close to or far away.

    If close to, then get a local company they charge about as much as hiring your own truck.

    Youth services: Often have lists of teens that will come and pack and move boxes for a small amount. We called our local one, they are amazing, they have kids that will do anything.

    Pay someone to do your final clean.

    If you are moving far away try and sell your stuff or donate it or sell with house. It is often cheaper and costs more to move.

    Don't try and cook etc during the moving time.

    Pack all that you don't use a lot early on and stack in one room or garage.

    If you need to scream, drive out to country and scream there...(LOL)

    We have moved 20 times and fixed up 18 houses and this one is it (says she staring at the partly demolished living room) well I am off to unscrew the kitchen cupboards so we can paint them as I am having a fairly good day today. YIPPEE.

    Oh you cannot rely on UHaul. If you book a truck, they actually only promise to try and have one available but often will not. It is not a done deal.

    Love Anne C Adding. This is the first one level home I lived in and I like it. We do have a basement rec and laundry room, but otherwise rest is all one level. Easier for sure.
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  3. Toga

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    We had 15 for Thanksgiving, 20 for Christmas Eve, and about 20 for New Year's Eve.

    Moving always is very stressful for me but I handled it well this time. I think it was the Cymbalta. I don't get stressed over much at all now.

    We built a new home on 12 acres. It is still unfinished. It's an atrium ranch and the lower level is unfinished. We don't have the fireplaces in yet, there's still lots of electrical work to be done,some finish trim missing, and we are surrounded by mud but I love it.

    It's been warm and cozy this winter and I have lots of room. We still have not listed our old house (7 miles away) and there's still lots of stuff left. I bring things over each time I go but my husband brings nothing and he goes over there 2 times a day to feed our dogs, cats and horses. (He didn't help pack anything either.)

    Carpenters are coming this weekend to start on the new barn. I'm anxious to have that done so we can get our animals here. There will be a wonderful kennel for the dogs (Dalmatians) and I can bring them in the house now and then. I have one inside cat with me now. Neeless to say, he gets lots of attention and is getting spoiled since he doesn't have to share.

    My advice is to get all the help you can and go with the flow. It doesn't help to get stressed. Just keep your eye on the finished product, a wonderful, peaceful new home.

    The advice about packing early what you don't really need is great. Mark the boxes with the necessities well so those are the first you unpack and then do the rest at your leisure. I still have a few boxes that I haven't unpacked.

  4. Hope4Sofia

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    Thank you for all the good avice! I am going to look into hiring a moving company. We've always moved ourselves and it has definitely done its damage.

    I'm also trying to prepare emotionally as I am going to miss our current home and community very much.

    I will get those boxes (the glass/dish ones sound like a good idea).

    The biggest challenge for me right now is trying to figure out what to keep. The new house is about 800 sq feet smaller than the home we're in. I'm hoping that's good thing. It seems like it might simplify my life to have a smaller home to care for.

    Thanks again!