moving, may leave 2 brothers behind

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  1. Shannonsparkles

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    Can you believe I almost selected the smiling, clapping icon for this??? I am SO ambivalent about it!

    I've got two brothers, twins, who are three years younger than me. They still live at home with me and Dad. They're 21. They look something like Ninja Turtles. They're paunchy, muscular, loud, and they shave their heads because they've started losing their hair already. They also have beautiful, long eyelashes.

    Despite their cuteness and playfullness and all the years I've put into training them to like hugs and be polite, I've been encouraging Dad to make them stay here in Calgary when we move. It's better for them and it's better for Dad and I. The doozers, as we call them, are loud and messy. They don't help around the house. It's hard on Dad and me to have them living here. Some days I whine to Dad, "Can't we drop them off at the animal shelter already? Pleeeeaase? What about building a nice fenced run for them in the back yard? A little hay, some carrot stubbs, it'll be super!" I'm only half joking when I say this, because I really can't stand them most of the time, however much I love them.

    It would be good for them to stay here because getting jobs has been a snap for them in Calgary. If there was any place for a couple of young guys to get by just fine, it's Calgary. My brothers may not be able to get into the States with us anyway, since they are not Dad's dependants, as I am.

    I've lived with them since they were babies. It's hard to immagine not having them around.

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    figure it out...

    love and hugs

  3. Shannonsparkles

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    I'm sure I can transfer my love onto some potted palms or something. These guys have GOT to go!
  4. Marta608

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    Goodness, I've obviously missed something here! You're moving to the States? Welcome! We'll be fortunate to have you among us but why do you want to leave free health care and jobs?

    (I do hope you write a book someday. You're such a good writer.)

  5. rockgor

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    the terrible twins should go into show biz. Could probably make a lotta money doing beer commercials.
  6. Rosiebud

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    will miss you more than you'll miss them, it seems.

    Can't help but feel sorry for them, 21 years old and cast adrift by rest of their family. :)-

    Where are you moving to?????

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    Ok. REalistically, will your Dad go along with this?

    Do your brothers know how you feel?
    Are they planning to move to the US with you?
    Have you purchased a home in the US?

    You don't ask them to stay in Calgary, you tell them that the house you and Dad are getting in the US isn't big enough for all of you. Where are they planning to live?

    Keep the monkey on THEIR back. This isn't your responsibility. no is a complete sentence.

    I can't do it, and you (brothers) won't do it-----I can't pick up after you anymore. The free ride is over.

    Have you and your Dad considered that your actions allow them to remain immature and not self reliant? I think it is called enabling.

    I know you love them but I think it is time for tough-love. When is enough actually enough????? They were considered by the courts to be adults when they turned 18, that is 3 years ago!
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    Sounds as if this move thing is really a serious one! How
    does your Father feel about this? Is he on board with
    the idea of moving without them? It doesn't seem that
    unless your Dad wants them o continue living with him,
    he has any obligation at their ages to give them anything
    but reasonable notice of his intent to move. They are
    old enough to take care of themselves. I wouldn't even
    make it an issue with them unless they express an intent
    to move wiff ya! They may very well NOT what to leave
    Calgary with it's Palm trees, soft warm sand and high

    I hope you are moving to California as you have relatives
    in San Jose if I remember correctly? I'll set the table
    for Lunch for you and Dad, "K"?

    P.S. Shannon (T.N.P.)
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    When and generally, where, are you moving??? I hope it's to get some good health care for you- it's time you started doing better. Please keep us posted!