Moving to New Zealand?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by jmq, May 14, 2008.

  1. jmq

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    I have just spent the two most amazing months in New Zealand and I would like to consider moving here. I was wondering if there are others on this board who moved there from the States or other countries and how they felt about the immigration process and other pros and cons.

    All I know is my fibro and depression have improved over 50% in one month. I know it will never completely disappear but I have so much more to energize me, good weather, fresh clean air, free health care, simple living.

    Any advice out there? I am 53 and never moved out of the State of Florida my entire life! I also have to convince my husband and daughter to be as excited about this. Wish me luck and I would love to hear from other world travelers who have picked up and moved to a different country.
  2. Rosiebud

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    I've never been to New Zealand but I know lots of people who have (UK).

    Most countries are easier to emigrate to if you have relatives living there.

    Good luck.

  3. Cromwell

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    If you can locate a job there or meet monetary requirements or are a farmer then the processz is quite straightforward. I know a person here who was offered a job nursing there and is going before too long. I don't think there were obstacles.

    It is a a wonderful land and you could love it. Hint: however, you have to watch out for anti american feelings these days all over the world due to the last few years. I know it is unfair.

    Gosh Dan will not stop talking and putting paper under my nose to look at. Hafta go. Grrrr.

    Love Annie
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    My Husband and youngest son went to South Australia last April and we LOVED it there very very much, I felt SO much better even my son who has Asthma did not have any asthma attacks or did not even have to use his inhalers once!! So we decided that this is where we should move...but the immigration process was soooo much to deal with and the cost to move there....they would not accept anyone over 45 to immigrate there and you have to highly qualified ( Skilled Trade ) so we had to put that out of our maybe a little easier if you had family who could sponsor you to move there..the family has to be a mother, father, brother, or a first cousin.

    I tell you if we could get there we would do it in a heart beat.

    love to all Ann
  5. Jorgie

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    My mother is from NZ and I have duel citizenship there.

    (some of this info maybe outdated as it is from a few years ago)
    My mother and my step father moved to NZ after Bush stayed in office for a second term. The approval process to move to NZ can be tough. They tend to not like you if you don't make a decent chunk of money or have something to offer. It might be different now but from what I know it can be difficult to get a green card there. If you have pets dog/cats they will want to keep them in quarantine for up to 6 months. You'll have to ship your belongings down there. So you can expect to not see your stuff for a month(it maybe shorter). My mother and step father moved back after a year as my mother missed her only son and all of there friends. Plus my mom's heart was starting to flutter and when she went to schedule and appointment(she worked for a cardiologist) they wouldn't be able to see her for 6 months. She worked for a cardiology medical group here before she left and they offered to do all the testing for her when ever she could make it back. They also told her that they'd rehire her if she came back. That was all it took for her to move back.

    I love NZ! It's a beautiful country. Some things I'm not such a fan of. Like the racism. It's still abundant down there as the Mauri's are treated as lesser people by some. This isn't the way everyone is down there but some people still act this way.

    I hope this helps.
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    I knew someone who moved there a long time ago. In order to stay she had a marriage of convenience. Hope it goes well for you. Godbless