MP acts to improve access to thyroid Tx in the UK

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    Please would would contact your MP and ask him/her to sign this early day motion.

    Recently a health care trust has made public its refusal to carry out knee and hip replacements on the obese. This has sparked a heated debate in the UK which has included questions on the metabolic issues that mean some people are unable to lose weight despite paying attention to their diets. Hypothyroidism is one of the reasons for this problem.



    MARK OATEN MP has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM 728) with regard to the
    diagnosis and management of hypothyroidism, which occurs in approximately
    25% of the total population.

    Diagnosing by blood tests alone is insufficient. The 'normal' reference
    ranges of TFT's are too wide. The American Association of Clinical
    Endocrinologists (AACE) put out a press release stating that until Nov.
    2002, doctors relied on a normal TSH level ranging from 0.5mU/L to 5.0mU/L
    to diagnose and treat patients with a thyroid disorder who tested outside
    the boundaries of that range. Now AACE encourages doctors to treat patients
    who test outside a narrower margin based on a target TSH level of 0.3mU/L to
    3.0mU/L. AACE believes the new range will result in proper diagnosis for
    millions of Americans, who have gone untreated using the previous range. "

    The prevalence of undiagnosed thyroid disease in the United States is
    shockingly high - particularly since it is a condition that is easy to
    diagnose and treat," said Hossein Gharib, MD, FACE, President of AACE. He
    says "The new TSH range from the AACE guidelines gives physicians the
    information they need to diagnose mild thyroid disease before it can lead to
    more serious effects on a patient's health - such as elevated cholesterol,
    heart disease, osteoporosis, infertility, and depression."

    The British Thyroid Association (BTA), the British
    Thyroid Foundation (BTF) and the Association of Clinical Biochemistry have
    published guidelines for Thyroid Function Tests with complete disregard for
    the AACE recommendation, and are encouraging doctors NOT to treat if the
    serum FT4 concentration is normal but the serum TSH concentration is less
    than 10mU/L. Which guidelines should we rely on? The AACE who cut by half
    the TSH upper level down to 3.0mU/L, or the BTA who double the upper level
    to 10.0mU/L. The latter recommendation will result in many thousands of
    sufferers being denied treatment.

    Doctors are not treating patients with the level of medication, which would
    return them to optimum health. There is unwillingness by mainstream doctors
    to prescribe ANY alternative thyroid medication for patients on individual
    clinical grounds. Patients remaining unwell on Thyroxine only (T4) could be
    given a trial of a combination of T4 and Liothyronine (T3), T3 alone or a
    natural thyroid extract (Armour Thyroid), that contains all the hormones a
    normal thyroid needs. Such alternative medication is being denied. The
    current situation, whereby thyroid patients are self-diagnosing,
    self-treating and self-monitoring owing to a lack of understanding of the
    disorder by doctors is unacceptable.

    There is a need for an independent investigation into patients who are
    hypothyroid, including examination of clinical results of those treated
    privately, and comparative examination of clinical results of those treated
    by NHS practitioners.

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