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  1. Jannene

    Jannene New Member

    Hi! I've just joined - I have CFS/FM. I'd like to hear any opinions about the Marshall Protocol for CFS/FM?

  2. Jannene

    Jannene New Member

    Hi Denise,

    Great to hear from you - I'm recently joined the MP as well, after going to a practitioner who recommended it for me and am at the same stage of researching it and setting all my 'ducks in a row' for the Vit D test and reducing vit ! Still debating whether to buy the sunglasses.....

    To me it looks good - the science and the pathogenesis all add up for me - read some articles recently about mycoplasma being found in CFS/FMS cases and asked my doctor for a test - they found a high response of mycoplasma pnuemonia antibodies - my doctor was so shocked rang me to come and see her. You have m. pnuemonia at a level b/n 40 - 80 and mine were 320. Then I learnt on the MP that it's probably not even these one's that are making me sick because the bacteria that cause the inflamation are hidden in the phagoytes and are invisible to the immune system so there won't be any antibodies to who know's what else is there?

    I've had it for about 7 years and have tried lots of treatments - nothing cured, but things helped. right now I've gone off all my supplements to get the most accurate D reading and I'm suffering!!!
    I've spent the last 2 -3 weeks just reading and am kind of understanding it...but need to do lots more! I only realise how little I understand when I begin to try to explain it to someone else...and I end up in knots!
    Have you ordered your NoIR's and do you have a supporting doctor?
    Can I meet you on the MP?

  3. Jannene

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    Thanks for sharing about the poll...that's very helpful.

    From what I've read about the MP, it's purpose is not to mask or control symptoms but to cure, which involves killing the pathogen (CWD bacteria) which causes a herxheimer reaction - a toxic overload from the dead bacteria. So the fact that people say they feel worse is not offputting to me, as the MP explains very clearly to expect it, and that it's not possible to get better without the herxheimer - they do assist with controlling it.
    Perhaps the herxing was too much for them - not everyone can do it.
    I'm researching it and considering it for myself - will see if I can find the poll.
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    Hi - it's a struggle isn't it - Can't calculate how much I've spent too - can't work, can't get compensation - brain fog prevents understanding and remmembering everything - ahhhhhh!!

    I think the lovely Alayne replied to my questions on the MP site too!!! My name there is the same as the one here - same spelling so easy to find.

    I don't have your posting here in front of me so I'm trying to remember what was there.....I do have a good doctor - a few in fact, but not 100% sure who to go with.
    The doctor who diagnosed me was Dr Lewis from the Arthritis Australia, and the Lewis Institute in Melb. I am also seeing another Dr who treats CFS/FMS who is prepared to consider it, and I am seeing a natural medicine practitioner who is guiding me through it - so it's quite a lot of support - thankfully -
    I hope that things go well for you, sorry to hear about your financial struggles and lack of support.
    sorry my short term memory has run out about here...!
    That's right - about the mycoplasma -they are among the Cell Wall Deficient bacteria that the MP have shown cause the Th1 inflamatory response - or many autoimmune diseases. Mycoplasma pnuemonia is perhaps the most well known one as it is already known as a cause of pnuemonia in the medical world. The wikkipedia website explains in an understandable way some basic facts about mycoplasma.
    Looks like we're on a similar journey. I really hope things go well for you, and that you find lots of great support - I look forward to catching you on the MP!

    hugs back!

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    Hi - Denise said "That's right - about the mycoplasma -they are among the Cell Wall Deficient bacteria that the MP have shown cause the Th1 inflamatory response - or many autoimmune diseases."

    Mycoplasmas don't have cell walls, but they are not Cell Wall Deficient bacteria. These are 2 different things. CWD can change into a form with a cell wall, mycoplasmas cannot. For more information about the differences, see:

    No one has shown that CWD can cause diseases. It's been a theory for decades, but has not been definitely proven in any study, to me knowledge:

    Also, people who want to start the MP, perhaps might want to make sure they are taking plenty of calcium before they get their vitamin D levels tested, or before they start to avoid sunlight in order to decrease their levels. This is because if you lower your 25(OH)D, or have low 25(OH)D, your body will naturally produce more 1,25(OH)2D, in order to increase calcium absorption. So you will end up with inflated 1,25(OH)2D levels. For example, read this thread:

    This person was on the MP for several years before adding calcium, and that greatly reduced their 1,25(OH)2D levels.
    So it makes you wonder whether people should be taking calcium before they start the MP. I would think taking at least the RDA of calcium for your age/gender, would be enough. - Mark

  6. Jannene

    Jannene New Member

    Hi Mark,

    Actually Dr Trevor Marshall has proven that CWD bacteria cause disease - Sarcoidosis, Rheumatiod arthritis, among others. See and

    It is the CWD bacteria (intraphagocytic) that affect the bodies innate immunity leading the body to acquire coinfections which further weaken the immune system.

    agree with your thoughts on calcium
    all the best,


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