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  1. Didoe

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    My profile now has pics of 2 fugitives from latest
    FBI's 10 Most Wanted list

    I did not know I was harboring two fugitives.

    If you see these two, do not approach, they are Armed (see small one w/tongue) and the short one will do anything for food.
  2. Granniluvsu

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    Those pics are really cute. Thanks for sharing and for the stories.. They als omake me laugh and forget about the usual mess we are all are going through. Please do keep them coming !

    Yes, those two surely look armed and dangerous, esp the little one (-: !!


  3. Didoe

    Didoe New Member

    I dont know whether to believe this or not, but both claim to be members of the same gang that 'Off Track' Mountain Lion belongs to.

    'Off Track' most recently made appearances up near trulyverymadscientistmr.bill a few weeks ago...bunch of ruffians...fluffians.

    I got home Monday, first day back at work since bringing BooToo home. He's used to my being around and out for 2-3 hours at most.

    He seemed a little shell shocked when I got in, ran out behind Mr. Boo from some place in the bedroom and didnt realize who I was at first.

    Mr. Boo is just learning not to run and hide every time the buzzer rings or the answering machine takes a message. I've turned the phone down all the way because the strange voices and beeping freaked him out.

    He's so small and skittish and insists on walking between my feet, especially when he hears a can of food being popped open. Now that he's tasted other foods he's not that keen on being restricted to chicken/liver.
    He's big on licking up liquids from his food and leaving the edible bits behind...he's teething too, so it may be his mouth is a little achey.

    When I put fresh cool water in the water dish BooToo flops in front of the bowl, leans his chin on the edge and laps up a long drink with his eyes closed. Mr. Boo comes to sit with him and apparently doesnt think water is anything to bother with.

    Late last night, after not being able to eat anything myself I got a hankering for scones and went into kitchen to whip up a batch. My kitchen is about the size of their litter box so moving around is tight...Fridge is next to sink is next to stove with a patch of counter inbetween all I'm slipping around in a small space. I opened the refrigerator to pull out milk and stepped back and right on at least one small paw. Emitting high pitched squeals BooToo ran squeaking out of the kitchen and under the couch as I realized what happened.

    Its interesting how animals respond in different ways to situations...If Mr. Boo gets underfoot or something lands too close to him, he runs off but comes right back when called to be comforted.

    BooToo doesn't return so quickly and when I stepped on his teeny toes he made his indignation and pain very clear with high pitched squeaks that brought Mr. Boo running into the kitchen.

    A cat on a mission, Mr. Boo jumped down from his dresser perch and landed with heavy THUNK on the floor, marching in looking for BooToo. I was shaking in my socks I will confess.

    BooToo was hovering at the entrance of the kitchen and after a few strategically placed sniffs--the cat equivalent of checking for a pulse and if patient is breathing--Mr. Boo pushed BooToo over, just knocked him down, rolling him onto his back and laid a mighty paw on his neck. He began cleaning him, licking his face and ears. BooToo's paws get rag-doll floppy and wave gently over his head, he just closes his eyes as Mr. B administers first aid and just drifts off.

    Mr. Boo may administer 'first aid' for other reasons, not just for consolation...when rough housing gets too rough and he's knocked BooToo once too hard off his back, he'll corner him on the cool bathroom floor and segue (segway)into cleaning change the subject.

    They both drive one another nuts at meal time. Two bowls go down, same food, same amount. Between them they seem to have decided that Mr. Boo gets first choice and then they both start eating. About half-way through licking the contents of their respective bowls, they play musical bowls and switch places. I cannot tell you if they discussed this privately, or if this is the cat version of 'even steven' but they switch so that each one has had a share from each bowl.

  4. jmq

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    My icon is doin the happy dance cuz I am soooo happy to finally see the kids...opps I mean fugitives.

    They certainly do look dangerous. I pity the poor human who they are holding hostage.

    Thanks for the post...made my day.

  5. Didoe

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    I have to post FBI pics to hear from you...!!
    What's happening with Cymbalta? You're

    What's going on, I stop by FM just to see if you're posting and dont see anything from you. I haven't checked 'search' by user name, that would take brains.

    If you're by here again, let me know how you are and what's going on?

    I was whining again this week about disability, just so dern tired from this pain. I've gotten to a functioning point, but its still pain 24/7 and sleep is a mess which just makes it all....oh you already know the drill.
    Saw a neurologist today...I can add carpal tunnel to the list.
  6. therealmadscientist

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    could be panthers though. These desperadoes are hard to track and dangerous. They don't follow predictable, normal tracks. Expecially when addicted to food. LOL mr Bill

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